40 Pics Of People Who Were Having The Worst Day

Published 3 weeks ago

In the age of social media, it’s common for people to document their lives through photos and videos. And sometimes, those snapshots capture moments when things just don’t go as planned. From spilt coffee to unexpected mishaps, there’s no shortage of images showcasing those less-than-perfect days. But amidst the laughter and shared commiseration, these pictures serve as a reminder that bad days are temporary. 

As you scroll through these snapshots of life’s hiccups, remember that even when the skies seem grey, they will eventually clear, making way for brighter days ahead. So take a moment to appreciate the humour in life’s little misfortunes, knowing that they, too, shall pass.

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#1 When You Add Toothbrush Replacement Heads To The Grocery List And The Wife Asks Why

Image source: FuzzyHero69

Cecilia HerreraNotice her clean and white teeth.

#2 “I Want Brothers And Sisters”

Image source: HuitradoJuarez

User# 6Catnip flavoured condoms: not a good idea.

#3 Tree Limb Penetrated Neighbor’s Roof And Landed Between My Legs While Sleeping

Image source: Low-Algae-2928

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Well that’s one definition of “Morning Wood” I guess.

#4 Google Maps Didn’t Tell Me About This After A 2-Hour Drive

Image source: wambamwombat

Marianne: I really appreciate the warning sign directly in front of the blockage. Road safety is clearly a priority here.

#5 My Sister Got Struck By Lightning Driving On The Highway

Image source: mrmackz

Marianne: Was she hurt, though? Normally we say that a car is a safe space in a thunderstorm.

Red PANda (she/they) (edited): The OP said she was. Her truck caught fire from it, though.

#6 There Is A 7 Feet Wall Of Water From A Burst 5” Pipe, Behind This Inward Swinging Door

Image source: BruceInc

Val: RUN!!!!

#7 First Days Of The National Toilet Paper Shortage In March Of 2021, Colorized

Image source: Rajbangsa

Val: Too cute to be mad at!

#8 Just Noticed I Have Been Given The Wrong Tablets By The Pharmacist And Taking Them For A Month. Was Prescribed Blood Pressure Tablets (Enalapril). Received Antidepressants (Escitalopram). Explains weird side-effects.

Image source: Christopherfromtheuk

Donteatme666: Sue cuz that could of gone sooo much worse

#9 Found Out I’m Allergic To Mosquitos. As If They Weren’t Infuriating Enough

Image source: lady_lana

Ginky: Is this allergic? I always come up like this and just assumed that’s what mozzy bites looked like?

#10 I’m Stuck In An Elevator And I’m The Only One In The Building. I work security so there’s no one else here. Bonus, the emergency phone in here doesn’t work. Double bonus. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Image source: saintjimmy64

Jiji The Cat: get that company/building sued. that’s a lawsuit (or death) waiting to happen :/

#11 Installed A Lovely Sunlight In My New Bathroom, Without Realizing It Would Perfectly Frame That Horrid Tower

Image source: zalik9

Nadine Debard: Draw an Eiffel tower on your wall, and voilà!

#12 Is Someone Missing Their Breakfast? I Think I Found It

Image source: JuJuNaNaNa

SadieCat17 (she/her): The sheer mass of that squirrel makes me think that this isn’t the first time this has happened

#13 A Wild Turkey Just Flew Through My Dad’s Office’s Window

Image source: leilavanora

Danni: is that a mouse in the bottom left as well??

#14 My Partner Was So Happy She Found A Specific Vinyl For £2.50 On eBay. Turns Out It’s For A Doll’s House

Image source: larrydavid1987

Corinne Wheeler: Still pretty cool though.

#15 I Broke My Left Hand And Right Wrist

Image source: Chillparsley

YakFactory: At least your bandages and your sweater are colour coordinated. Hope you’re better soon.

#16 Opened A Can Of Beans To Find No Beans At All

Image source: reddit.com

Robert T: Has beans.

#17 Moved In With Partner, And His Cat Chomped My Monitor

Image source: halwares

Jiji The Cat:

the cat is ginger, what did you expect?

#18 Łodź, Poland

Image source: mzimmerman1488

Clown fish: When you don’t bother with the signs that say new road being layed here on so an so date.

#19 Can’t Have Nice Things

Image source: penguinitoloco

Julia Mckinney: Oh that poor plant!

#20 It’s Christmas Eve And I Caught Scarlet Fever

Image source: rocklou

Cecilia Herrera: I hope you healed quickly.

#21 My Neighbor’s Pipe Broke And I Am About To Be Flooded

Image source: Dusken01

Donteatme666: Is it horrible I wanna pop it from a safe distance

#22 After Several Days Without My Glasses, An Eye Exam, And Overnight Shipping Of The New Glasses… I Found Them Tangled In A Cable Under My Desk

Image source: violinfiddleman

#23 100-Year-Old Family Cabin Burned To The Ground On The First Day Of Vacation

Image source: Bumper216

Val: Is that Susan’s father’s cabin?

#24 Paid $300 For Seats With A Clear View Since My Girlfriend Is Very Short. Drove Nearly 2 Hours To Get To The Concert Early, Took The Day Off Work. This Was Our View For The Entire Concert

Image source: FishyMcHallibut

Ben Kay: Call the stewards!

#25 When The Package Is A Perfect Fit. There Is No Room For Fingers

Image source: rook2004

#26 Went To A Concert And Got The Umbrella View (Yes I Asked Her To Put It Away… She Did Not)

Image source: AkaJokerPlays

Ginky: This is just SHOCKINGLY rude

#27 My Bean Bag Popped, Any Tips For Collecting The White Balls?

Image source: reddit.com

Val: Cover yourself in double sided tape and roll around!

#28 Ordered A Framed Photo Of My Girlfriend And I For Her Birthday Today, And Just Gave It To Her To Open. This Is Not A Picture Of Us

Image source: Rmhiker

Tempest: Somewhere an old couple is staring at a framed photograph of a young couple wondering if they’re people they know but have forgotten the names of.

#29 The Bruising I Had From A Recent Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Image source: ToIA

kissmychakram: Holy carp! Did the dentist kneel on your face whilst they were pulling?

#30 My 5-Year-Old Son Independently Read 50 Books. Took All Year. I Present To You The “50 Book Reward” From His Primary School

Image source: 5toofus

Donteatme666 (edited): Rip off could of at least gave him some Disney characters pencils or something edit: wait wait for it I still don’t give a s**t about my spelling the English language is fluid and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again f**k u grammar Nazi’s everyone else have a nice day 😊

#31 Me Posing With My Sister’s Car vs. One Day Later. At Least No One Was Hurt

Image source: UniDuckaSaurus

#32 My Friends Said We Were Going Out In Costumes On Friday The 13th. What They Meant Was “Two Of Us Are Wearing Onesies.” No One At This Place Was In Costume. I Showed Up Like This

Image source: BridgetTheBee

Mac C: You look great!

#33 It Took Me A Couple Minutes To Go Outside And Grab My Delivery. Some Jerks Beat Me To It

Image source: namedafternoone

Julia Mckinney: They don’t call ’em bandits for nothing.

#34 Today I Learned I’m Allergic To Every Tree

Image source: kieger

Tempest: But hey on a positive note you’re not allergic to dust mites and cockroaches!

#35 I Put These Brownies To Cool Off On The Porch, And A Dang Squirrel Came Through The Screen And Had A Go At Them. I Am Very Sad

Image source: diamondsealtd

Val: Awww, poor baby was hungry!! Also, cute candle holder!

#36 Someone Has Been Cutting Our Christmas Lights. Today We Caught The Culprit

Image source: henryhendrixx

Clown fish (edited): Grinch rodent

#37 The Flight I Just Went On. I’m 6’3-Ish

Image source: tehmaz80

#38 A Church Steeple Blew Off During A Storm Last Night

Image source: TheSlightestGinge

Annabel Wood: here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors an- NO NOT LITERALLY

#39 Found This Behind My Wardrobe Yesterday. I’m Extremely Allergic To Mold

Image source: eletriceye

#40 Found In My Attic Just Now At 4 AM… This Was Not Here Last Week. Time to leave the house?

Image source: TheBystand3r

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