Cartoon Characters Shave Their Heads In Solidarity With Kids Who Have Cancer

Published 10 years ago

Garfield, Olive Oyl, Snoopy and a bunch of other famous cartoon characters shaved their heads to raise awareness of kids with cancer and to help these brave kids feel better about their new and different appearance. The solidarity project came to life with the help of Brazilian cancer charity and hospital operator GRAACC.

The campaign seeks to change the way people perceive a child with cancer and how this everyday prejudice makes those children feel and think of themselves. Hopefully, children who had to shave their heads due to chemotherapy will feel less ashamed or different after seeing their favourite characters on TV sporting their bald heads with pride.

To show your support for children with cancer, you can go to the official Bald Cartoons website, download the picture with your favourite bald cartoon character, and make it your account picture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Source: (h/t: HuffPost)

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