25 Basic Things People Admit They Are No Good At

Published 5 months ago

A lot of people find it challenging to perform basic skills that others consider to be effortless. These skills can be as simple as breathing correctly or folding fitted sheets, and the reasons behind the difficulty can vary from person to person. 

Some individuals may lack good teachers, patience, or practice, while others may not care enough about it. Recently, a Redditor asked people to share their struggles with basic skills, and many individuals responded by sharing personal experiences.

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#1 Doing anything while someone is watching.

Image source: Silent_Decay, Yan Krukau

#2 Small talk. I turn every casual conversation into an awkward dance of random facts and nervous laughter lol

Image source: HallqPE03r4221, Tim Douglas

#3 Whistling

Image source: Huge-Butterfly7344, cottonbro studio

#4 I’m Filipino, I’m supposed to sing like an angel. I’m part of the 10% of the population who cannot sing to save their life.

Image source: ikaimnis, Pixabay

#5 Sewing

Image source: taekookieberry

#6 Remembering somebody’s name. If a person comes up and says, “Hi, I’m Jim Peterson,” I will have forgotten it by the time I’ve said “Hey. I’m NoxWild.”

Image source: NoxWild, CHUTTERSNAP

#7 Sense of direction. I navigate around well due to memorization. I have no feeling of which way to go. I can get lost after using the restaurant bathroom easy.

Image source: Emergencymama, Pixabay

#8 A signature that doesn’t look like a child forged it.

Image source: Sup3rB1rd, Pixabay

#9 Making pancakes. I can cook otherwise, I can bake, but for whatever reason, I can’t make pancakes.

Image source: Horror-Lion111, Ash

#10 Studying

Image source: Intrepid_Thanks_7312, Ivan Samkov

#11 My attempts at folding fitted sheets are a chaotic masterpiece. It’s like wrestling an octopus into submission every time. Does anyone feel me?

Image source: KarmaKittenKiss, cottonbro studio

#12 Handwriting. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try it always looks like a drunk spider has stood in ink and wandered across the page.
Edit: Not a Dr so please ignore any medical advice I give out

Image source: SpankyBluePanda, energepic.com

#13 Eating just one chip.

Image source: Playful_Sprinkles779, Andres Ayrton

#14 Holding a conversation.

Image source: EducationCommon1635, Jopwell

#15 Any DIY. I grew up with a father that could do anything and really well, electrics, plumbing, plastering, carpentry, mechanics, you name it. I can drill a hole in a wall, and that’s about it.

Image source: Mark-Might-Lose, Bidvine

#16 Sleeping. It takes so long to fall asleep. And I wake up wide awake multiple times a night. Nightmares constantly. I’ve tried all the things. Dark, light, silence, noise (tv, fan, white noise). I’m exhausted. I have a sleep study on April 29th. Cross your fingers they can help me cause your girl is sleepy.

Image source: nay2829, Andrea Piacquadio

#17 Parallel parking. It’s like my car has a force field that repels itself from the curb I swear

Image source: AndersontUI49f6221, Maryia Plashchynskaya

#18 mental arithmetic

Image source: 5minbeforemidnight, Gustavo Fring

#19 Self-care.

Image source: llc4269, Karolina Grabowska

#20 Well, as my mom will tell you, in kindergarten I failed at skipping. They even put a note on my report card. So don’t ask me to skip for you, I can’t do it.

Image source: TwoAmoebasHugging, cottonbro studio

#21 Comforting sad people. I’ll literally just stand there and be like, “you .. .you want some water?”

Image source: Cressonette, Jack Sparrow


Image source: _hootyowlscissors, Tima Miroshnichenko

1. Socializing

2. Making new friends

3. Making small talk

4. Dancing

That last one sucks because I come from the DANCINGEST family. Every goddamn wedding it’s a line of people trying to get me on the dance floor. Don’t get me started on bachelorette weekends and the hours of clubbing they inevitably entail. People think I’m shy but I’m not, if I could dance I WOULD dance. I just have zero rhythm. I look like an injured cow having an epileptic fit when I try. So I don’t subject myself, or others, to a public performance. I shouldn’t be criticized for this. I should be THANKED.


Image source: gummby8, Oleksandr P


My lungs have collapsed twice to fatal levels. Spontaneous Pneumothorax.

I had to have surgery to permanently glue my left lung to the skin of my back.

I still occasionally feel them have “mini collapses” once or twice a year. But Anything less than 25% or so (I am not a doctor) can fix itself.

This makes strenuous activity, like going for a jog, a bit difficult. If I feel that familiar pain, everything stops for that day.

#24 Throwing. I can throw a ball, but not far or fast. Never been able to. I’m in good shape, I got a good build, but don’t count on me to be QB in your football game or pitcher on a baseball team. Something about my arm I just can’t get it very fast.

Image source: OrangeChihuahua2321, Davide Buttani

#25 Driving. 29, never learned.

Image source: coqueluxo, Ingo Joseph

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