25 Things People Of The Opposite Gender Wished They Had

Published 6 months ago

Men and women have different experiences in this life. Physically we go through different things, and mentally we experience different realities of the world around us too. While women are fighting to change many things and get on a similar footing with men in the name of equality, men on the other hand seem to be fighting their own battle to be accepted more for their feminine aspects without judgement.

Whatever personal opinions folks may have, there are indeed likely some things that a woman would wish for that a man already has and vice versa. So when one Reddit thread questioned what these small jealousies might involve, the answers poured in from which we’ve shared a few of the most relatable and interesting in the gallery below. 

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#1 Doctors tend to take their complaints seriously instead of chalking it up to being dramatic, on their period, or fat.

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Not having people look at you suspiciously when you take your daughter to the park.

Don’t get me wrong– as a dude I appreciate that it takes incredibly little for me to be considered a “good dad” while for women it takes incredibly little for them to be considered a “bad mom”– I just wish that I didn’t literally have some random b***h go up to my daughter and ask her if she felt safe while I was keeping an eye on her.

I didn’t even know what to say… but my daughter did, “my daddy says not to take to weirdos” (we use weirdo and strangers somewhat interchangeably in our home). I bought her ice cream afterwards

Edit: I appreciate the kind words and awards— the judgement isn’t an everyday thing, just something that happens every once in awhile. As some have pointed out, it may not be a gender thing; some people are just a******s. This happened earlier in the week and I’m pretty sure it’s just one of those cliquish park moms who can’t mind their own business. The elementary school mom’s in the area have formed their own Mean Girls clique at the park and I think they’re just trying to make me uncomfortable. Probably gonna get some temporary tattoos put on my face for the next time I go to give them something to really have a moral panic over :D

#3 Not worrying about appearing creepy, or scaring people while just walking home at night.

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Edit: My phone is at 1%, so I gotta make this quick but ty so much for the gold. Never had anything upvoted this much!

#4 POCKETS! Actual f*****g pockets in pants that hold more than a damn quarter.

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#5 Men can’t/don’t get pregnant

Image source: warda8825, Kei Scampa

#6 Unsolicited hugs, cuddling without romance

Image source: pranthlar, Thirdman

#7 Sensible sizing. I don’t know if this has been said yet and it will probably get buried however I feel it must be said.

Image source: seiraphim, Clark Street Mercantile

Sensible sizing. When looking at women’s clothing it’s always a massive guessing game because there is NO standardization. A size 2 in one store is a 4 in another, or a 0 at another, sometimes even in the same brand but at a different store. Don’t even get me started in on the fact that they typicall also tend to skip over the odd numbers in ladies’ and juniors have the odd numbers only.

No matter what I do or where I go, I ALWAYS fall between the sizes. I always have to buy a size up and then do a bit of altering in hopes to get it to fit.

#8 Being able to go shirtless, not in most businesses obviously, but like outside or swimming etc

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ETA: I didn’t realize it’s technically legal where I live. However that conflicts with indecent exposure laws:


Also people would stare, be creepy, freak out, etc

#9 Not having to shave everywhere ?

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#10 They don’t have to waste a year of their lives serving in the military in my country.

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#11 Not having periods

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#12 The diversity of their wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong. I know that women’s fashion is often frustratingly inconvenient and unpractical. That said, I wish men’s clothes can include more than 3 colors and like… 4 styles.

Image source: YZ_C, Cam Morin

#13 Sun dresses in summer. They look so cool and comfortable!

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Generally speaking, having people take your problems seriously and being able to safely express that you’re having them rather than being told to “man up” and just deal with it. You’d be shocked and horrified what kind of stuff men just shove in a box and mentally lock away and keep going like nothing is wrong.
Again, generally speaking. I recognize there’s a lot of women with a lot of problems, but people are generally more open to listening to them and taking it seriously, in my experience.

#15 Getting compliments. I’m one of the fortunate ones who at least gets smiled at by women, but I still never get compliments.

Image source: anon, Nick Fewings

#16 Not having to put up with near-constant sexual harassment from the age of 13.

Image source: DarkRapunzel_North, Katarzyna Grabowska

#17 I have a bright AF personality, why can’t I let that show without someone feeling the need to let their opinion on my sexuality be known? I’m a peacock captain, you’ve gotta let me fly!!!

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#18 Most leaders are probably your gender, just like most heroes in stories and movies as you grow up, most businessmen, most inventors, most politicians etc. Plus there’s also the phsysical strength, no periods, rarely if at all being bothered by random creepy perverts, people comment less on your body.

Image source: Sophssy, Jeanetta Richardson-Anhalt

#19 Being physically stronger and higher stamina. I really like to work but is always told that I can’t handle it

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The physical contact they share with their friends. Guys usually don’t go around hugging each other

Edit: Personally for me a lot of why I’m not really a hugger is the culture where I live(Finland). I don’t really want to make other people uncomfortable by invading their personal space. I have a lot of female friends as well and hugging them is pretty rare too

Thank you for all the encouragement though! Maybe I have to make a change

#21 Being allowed to express all of their emotions in otherwise completely acceptable and healthy ways. Let me squeal with joy at kittens m**********r

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Image source: SweetDangus, Josh Hild

I would love to feel safe going anywhere alone. I think about hiking solo with such a longing… my boyfriend doesn’t get it at all, he thinks I’m being silly. It makes me so sad/angry.

Edit: Holy moly, I didn’t expect to wake up to this. Thanks for all the awards and solidarity. I want to add that of course men can and do also feel this way, women don’t have the market cornered on the fear of something terrible happening when going out alone. And, where you go is also a huge factor- if you’re in a sketchy place, both men and women are going to be nervous, of course.. but I’ve had the fact that I cannot do things solo (no matter where I am) crammed into my head all my life, and when I doubted that fact.. something really bad actually happened. I’d rather not tempt fate at this point.

I know that if I went on a hike solo, there is a very good chance nothing would happen, however I would not enjoy my time in the woods anyway. The fear of what could happen overshadows any enjoyment I might get. I’ve taken self defense classes, but even still, I’m the type of person that will “freeze” instead of fight or flee. I don’t want a gun either, I don’t want that kind of power in my hands or in my house.

My comment was not made to be a contest between women and men. I made it because all I would like to do is feel safe alone, and it makes me sad that I will most likely *never in my lifetime* feel safe being by myself in a host of different scenarios. I have many guy friends that are confident when they go out somewhere, they don’t believe anything bad will happen, and that’s all I want. The confidence and peace of mind that no one is going to hurt me. That’s it.

#23 Guys don’t have to deal with the side effects of birth control (or just birth control in general). The weight gain, hormonal issues, and other side effects can be a nightmare, especially if you’re just starting and trying to find what’s best for you.

Image source: bearzbeetzbattles, tr0tt3r

#24 The school dress code…specifically shoulders

Image source: thatonegirlonreddit5, Max Fischer

#25 They can cry during movies or TV shows and not get thought less of or made fun of. Seriously, I get choked up at stupid stuff and have to try to hide it. Need to try to limit it to one manly tear.

Image source: KingGuy420, JESHOOTS.com

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