16 Beautiful and Creative Website Headers

Published 14 years ago

When you meet somebody for the first time – the first thing you notice is the face. When you visit a website for the first time – the first thing you notice is the header design. Your header is like a face of your website[1]. Remember, first impressions are lasting ones, and are very, VERY important – so design the header very carefully, make it eye catching and memorable, or else it might be the one and only thing your visitor sees before closing your site.

Here are 16 best examples of website header designs that we could find – so milk some inspiration!

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1. Agami Creative

2. Miki Mottes

3. Pally Giraffe

4. Ali Felski

5. Bern

6. Boompa

7. Brown Blog Films

8. Coo-Coo Core

9. Deborah Cavenaugh

10. Hugs For Monsters

11. Kreativa Unlimited

12. Mark Forrester

13. Racket

14. Viget Inspire

15. XHTML Cafe

16. Meomi

Are we missing some truly creative and inspirational header here? Feel free to share it with us!

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