20 Beautiful Handwritten Fonts That Shouldn’t be Free

Published 13 years ago

There’s probably nothing more cold than an official text written in Arial – while you read it, you may have a strange feeling that it must have been written by a robot. In order to make people feel better and warm inside, sometimes you need a personal touch – and if your handwriting sucks, there’s always some nice handwritten fonts out there. I’m not saying that everything should be handwritten, but if you use handwritten fonts wisely – your message may touch more hearts than with some cold Times-New-Roman font.

But before heading down to our font list, be sure to open our previous collection of free fonts somewhere in new tab. Already did that? Great! Now you can start downloading these 20 beautiful handwritten fonts that (I still can’t believe) are free!

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1. Octember Script

2. Sunday Morning Garage Sale

3. Jellyka Vampire Street

4. Two Turtle Dowes

5. Grutch Shaded

6. Sketch Rockwell

7. Kraboudja

8. Jamaistevie

9. Brankovic

10. Karabine

11. Pappo’s Blues Band

12. Eltops Font

13. Rock Show Whiplash

14. Love Ya Like A Sister

15. The Sixth Sense

16. Roughage

17. 3 Dumb & 2 Dumb

18. Bruxi

19. Sketchy

20. Tusj

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