30 Creative And Cool Knitting Projects, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

Knitting is a beautiful hobby, isn’t it? Although the craft needs a lot of patience, it feels totally worth it when your vision materializes into reality and the end product turns out awesome.

Many people, regardless of age or gender, have taken up knitting as a hobby, especially after the lockdown. The subreddit r/knitting is dedicated to beautiful knitting projects. Check out some of the most amazing ones in the gallery below.

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#1 Matching Sweaters With My Bubble Buddy

Image source: sheepboat

#2 When You Can’t Pick 2 Colors Choose 8 Instead

Image source: sheepboat

#3 Me 10 Years Ago: “Waste Yarn? Who Has Waste Yarn?” Me Today: Knits An Entire Sweater Out Of Sock Yarn Leftovers

Image source: hobbular

#4 Handed Down To Me, A Blanket Made By My Great Grandmother In The 1970s/80s

Image source: Noldz

#5 I Was Convinced I’d Finish This Blanket In The Six Months Before I Graduated In 2018. I Moved House Four Times And Am Studying For My Second Masters Degree, But I’ve Finally Defeated It!

Image source: pellegrinos

#6 I Am Part Of A Facebook Group Called “Knit For A Unique Fit” That Matches Knitters With Individuals With Hand Differences To Make Custom Gloves. I Just Finished My First Pair!

Image source: caseymccully

#7 Knitted This Dress For My Daughter. She’s So Proud, Saying “My Daddy Made This For Me”

Image source: BrusingFawn996

#8 Eleven Months Later, I Finally Finished This ‘80s Space Jumper I Found On R/Knitting

Image source: Somebody28

#9 Five Years Ago I Started Him, And Then Hid Him Away In A Box For Being Frustrating And Way Above My Skill Level

A few months ago I was inspired by a post on this sub to pick him back up and now, at long last, he’s done!!

Image source: reptilian_warlock

#10 This Embroidery Piece Has My First Ever Knitting Sample Sewn Onto It. This Piece Is A Reminder For Us To Honour Those Who Weave Our Clothing, Even If We Never Meet Them

Image source: -Bold-and-Brash-

#11 I Got Married On Saturday. I Made These Socks For My Wife To Wear When Getting Ready, So That She Didn’t Get Cold Feet!

Image source: lotanis

#12 Proud Of This One! Yarn Is All Made By Me

Image source: sweetniks16

#13 Knitted My Greyhound A Suit For My Wedding Next Weekend

Image source: Cheatman101sWife

#14 Alaska Hats For My Gymnastics Team That I Coach

Image source: ivyagogo

#15 Avena Sweater With Gradient Yarn!

Image source: knit_knack

#16 Finally Off The Needles And Done. This Clogged Up My Knitting Mojo For Almost A Year

Image source: judymilna

#17 My Proudest Knit Yet!

Image source: The_Origami_Man

#18 Good Afternoon. I’m From Ukraine. A War Has Been Going On In My Country For A Whole Month Now. Thank You All For Your Support. Only Now I Was Able To Put The Knitting Needles In My Hands

Image source: Nataliia_Lavrenova

#19 I Knitted My Wedding Dress. It Took A Year And A Half

Image source: DreadPirateGryphon

#20 Just Finished A Pair Of Socks Inspired By The Very Hungry Caterpillar For An Arts Project

Image source: hattaraprinsessa

#21 I Made Her For My Friend, Who Loves Knitting. I Hope This Mouse Will Make You Smile And Inspire You To Start A New Knitting Project Or Finish An Old One

Image source: natalie_kuznetsova

#22 Mommy & Me Sweatah Weathah! Maja And Voff

Image source: Background_Solid2733

#23 Finished My First Jumper! Bit Lumpy But I Love It

Image source: mossdotcom

#24 I Used Gradient Yarn To Make A Hat Inspired By The Northern Lights

Image source: Schoonen

#25 I Knitted A Dress Inspired By Alyosha Karamazov, A Character In My Favorite Book

Image source: ke-no-sis

#26 It’s Finals Week, So Of Course I’m Wearing My New Fo For Good Luck

Image source: hot_soz

#27 All My Knits For My Baby Due This Week

Image source: No_Nimbus

#28 Mermaid Blankets Are Out, Giant Sock Blankets Are In

Image source: peskypescatarian

#29 My First Published Pattern Since My Stroke In 2020!

Image source: morningknits

#30 Finally Got To Wear My Dress And Mittens Set Skating!!

Image source: sushifan123

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