30 Times People Decided To Create Their Own Outfits And Nailed It

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever walked into a store and checked out each piece of clothing available but ended up being dissatisfied with all of them? Although we have lots of choices in terms of clothing these days, sometimes it’s impossible to find the outfit that we had imagined ourselves wearing.

However, not everyone gives up so easily. To bring their imagination to reality, some folks actually created their dresses themselves. Check out some of the most stunning handmade outfits in the gallery below.

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#1 I Made My Wedding Dress

Image source: penniee95

#2 Made An Infinity Dress With The Leftover Satin I Had At Home, Self-Drafted Pattern. Had Fun Playing With This

Image source: munkus_

#3 I Made And Painted My Own Gown For My Graduation Ball! I Painted Over 80 Flowers, Sewed + Stoned My Dress With My Mama And Designed The Whole Thing Myself

Image source: ciaragan

#4 My Handmade Dresses For Mom And Daughters. Do You Like It?

Image source: EVALIZA

#5 Hi, I Made My Prom Dress By Hand. It Took Me So Long And I’m So Proud Of It

Image source: juliboo22

#6 This Is My Cousin. She Made This Mesmerizing Dress Using 36 Recycled Clothes. She Has Made Hundreds Of Dresses As Cool As This One, Always From Recycled Clothes

Image source: Segundaleydenewtonnn

#7 I’ve Made My Christmas Party Dress The Last Three Years In A Row. Here They Are

Image source: ChristineHMcConnell

#8 Dress Made From Over 2000 Pennies

Image source: crescentshay

#9 I Created A 3-In-1 Wedding Dress For My Best Friend

Image source: asherwani

#10 My Handmade Gown. Please Rate My Work

Image source: EVALIZA

#11 I Am Half Scottish And Half Japanese- I Hand-Sewed This Kimono From Men’s Dress Shirts And Boxer Shorts

Image source: mayalcaulfield

#12 I Made Myself A Dress For My PhD Graduation

Image source: Annuszka

#13 My Mom Made This Entire Wedding Dress, She Added Lots Of Jewels By Hand. Every Day She Spent Her Time Working On It. My Mom Is So Talented And I Want Every One To Know

Image source: najerakathia

#14 Finally Finished – Formal Dress For A Wedding I’m Attending

Image source: clrodrig06

#15 Made My Prom Dress Using A Vintage 1960s Pattern

Image source: remushus

#16 My Heart Was Heavy The Past Few Weeks And Naturally That Pours Out Into My Work. So I Made This Dress. I Hope Everyone Is Hanging In There Mentally, Change Will Come

Image source: munkus_

#17 Friends, What Do You Think Of This Dress I Made?

Image source: EVALIZA

#18 Engagement Photo Dress I Designed And Constructed. This Is My First Post, Hopefully You Guys Like It

Image source: RavennaBlack

#19 I Made My And My Friend’s Prom Dresses

Image source: ramenbroodle

#20 This Is What Happens When Your Fancy Event Gets Canceled. Chores In An Evening Gown

Image source: carpecupcake

M7683. Made it for a black tie wedding but sadly the bride and groom caught Omicronbie&Fitch leaving me with nowhere to wear it. So instead I got all dressed up and did Sunday Chores.

#21 I Made A 1670s Court Gown In Three Parts

Image source: Magdalena_Regina

#22 I Made My Own Wedding Dress

Image source: QueenAkemii

#23 My Mom Has Been Working On My Sister’s Dress For 2 Months, She’s Almost Done

Image source: Bobby_phat

#24 Finally Finished This Dress

Image source: JodieFosterchild

#25 Belle-Inspired Ballgown For An 8th Grade Project (First Sewing Project Ever)

Image source: CharacterMight1485

#26 Made Myself A Strawberry Dress Of My Dreams, Along With A Matching Shirt For My Husband

Image source: QueenAkemii

#27 17th Century-Inspired Gown. The Dress That Almost Killed My Remaining Brain Cells

Image source: Cacarosa

#28 I Made The Dressing Gown That Bilbo Wears In The First Hobbit Movie

Image source: sewing_magic

#29 Hello, I Made This Dress Out Of Two Table Cloths (One Fabric, One Lace)

Image source: ktkn0423

#30 I Made My Own Wedding Dress. I Feel Just Okay About It, But I Thought I’d Share Anyway

Image source: sd1272

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