20 Photos Of American Bedrooms That Reflect The Essence Of People Living In Them (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

The aesthetics of someone’s room is a strong reflection of their personality. And everyone has a unique personality – so no two bedrooms are the same. Therefore a photographer named Barbara Peacock decided to capture the uniqueness of bedrooms. She travels to different parts of the US to portray the conditions and lifestyles of different individuals.

The project titled “American Bedroom” reveals the raw beauty of diverse people in their intimate space. Scroll below to see some of her powerful photos. Also, don’t forget to check out our previous post about the same project here.

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#1 Doris, Age 97

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“My life has been dramatic! My three children are wonderful. My life couldn’t be better.” Overland Park, Kansas

#2 Faith, Age 9

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Everything is gone. My mom keeps saying: “keep the faith Faith.”” South Oroville, California

#3 Harry And Alan

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“After 27 years together and 4 years of marriage, our closeness has elevated to a point that being together is a total of one, as in one plus one equals one.”

#4 Camille, Age 32 And Ashley, Age 31

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

Camille- “People have this idea that dreams are for the young, but my biggest dreams have only begun to come true now, in my third decade. It’s as though I finally gave myself permission to chase everything unabashedly, from what I believe family looks like to the sounds I want to share with the world. The world is opening up to me more every day.”

Ashley- “If you told me 5 years ago that I would be a touring musician, married to my amazing and beautiful wife, and living happily in Portland, I would have cried tears of happiness. Never give up the fight for your version of happiness in this life. You won’t know the treasures that lie ahead until you’re there living them. With our powers combined, we can do anything.”

#5 Dale, Age 48

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I never wanted to be a girl, I just wanted to be a cowboy with red lipstick. Now, far away from Texas and all the religious repression of my youth, I feel powerful and finally free.” East Village, New York

#6 Andrew, Age 31

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Since I left traditional society I have never been happier. I just live one day at a time and don’t worry about punching a time clock 9-5.”

#7 Andy And Db, Ages 53 And 52

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Beauty, heartbreak, grit and humor. Intersecting spirals, it’s tough building relationships. I love it, I hate it and then I love it again.” Pensacola, Florida

#8 Lupe

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I’ve lived a few lives. In the end, it’s all about the love of family and one another.” Guadalupe, Arizona

#9 Tom, Age 86

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I have lived in the Carnival all my life and I have loved it. I wouldn’t change a thing except that I’m going blind making it difficult to bring up my 13-year-old daughter.” Gibsonton, Florida

#10 Cody, Age 27

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“My life is all about expanding consciousness. Traveling in my van “Gaia” allows me to share her beauty and the hard work it took to create her. It brings forth a perspective that you should always chase your dreams if you truly want something, no matter how hard.” Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

#11 Emily, Age 23

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Home for the Holidays in a vintage bus.”

#12 Tuesday, Age 23

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“It is in my life-threatening health that I have come into myself. I have already done more living than I ever imagined, way more than I was ever promised. The days when I feel the most pain can easily be filled with laughter and joy because my pleasures have been earned.”

#13 Becky And Dave, Ages 65

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“We felt the weight of responsibility for our children for decades. Now we are on our own. Our empty nest has reawakened the joy of freedom we had as youths.” Madrid, New Mexico

#14 Freddy, Age 67

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“My bed is my time machine. I’m a traveler in my dreams.” Sanford, Maine

#15 The Belfon Family

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“Burning the tatter tots, cleaning up messes and getting the kids to school late is just part of life. Blending this big family is the hardest thing I have ever been a part of but the love and support has become the greatest gift and teacher, not just for me but for all of us.” Denver, Colorado.

#16 Rachael, Age 9 And Aeriyna, Age 4

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“It’s dangerous here, we need to protect the girls. We have basic dreams, a home with running water and electricity. But, mostly a safe place for the girls to grow up.” (Father) Navajo Reservation, Kayenta, AZ

#17 Kasey, Age 7

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“My bedroom is a trailer. I sleep here with my puppy, only not when it’s too hot.” Slab City, California 

#18 Lula, Age 97

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I like people, all people. If you are good, I will know.” Sartartia, Mississippi 

#19 Abagail, Age 4

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I’ve got my favorite blanket and kitty sheets. They make me feel happy. I don’t get mad. I’m always going to be nice.” Beaver Crossing, Nebraska

#20 Megan, Age 6

Image source: barbara.peacock_abedroom

“I’m a unicorn and a fairy.” Little Rock, Arkansas

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