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This Artist Reimagines Your Favorite Characters As Bees And You Will Bee Amazed

Published 5 years ago

We have a weird question for you: have you ever imagined your favorite or cartoon characters as bees? A Canadian artist named Camilla d’Errico certainly has. This “hopeless romantic”, as she describes herself on her Facebook page, has recreated some well-known characters as – you guessed it – bees.

Camilla seems to love everything that’s cute – from French bulldogs to melting rainbows. And her bee illustrations prove that these small fluffy are nothing to be afraid about. So if you ever wondered what Pikachu or Sailor Moon would look like in bee form, look no further. Check out Camilla’s bee-utiful illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t

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#1 Beepool

Image source: camilladerrico

#2 Batbee

Image source: camilladerrico

#3 Joker

Image source: camilladerrico

#4 Harbee Quinn

Image source: camilladerrico

#5 Beekachu

Image source: camilladerrico

#6 Obee Wan Kenobee

Image source: camilladerrico

#7 Bee-Ra

Image source: camilladerrico

#8 Sailor Buzz

Image source: camilladerrico

#9 Jason Voorbees

Image source: camilladerrico

#10 King Trihive

Image source: camilladerrico

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