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Jennifer Aniston Reveals How She Always Looks So Good And Over 5 Million People Like Her Post

Published 3 years ago

It has only been a week since Friends star Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram but she’s already taking it by storm, having gathered nearly 16 million followers on the platform in such a short time. On Monday, the 50-year-old actress shared some behind-the-scenes photos of her Variety cover photoshoot along with an open-hearted message revealing that not everything is as perfect as may seem at first.

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On Monday, Jennifer Aniston some behind-the-scenes photos along with a heartfelt message

Image credits: jenniferaniston

In it, the actress explained how not everything is as perfect as it seems at first glance

Image credits: jenniferaniston

I’m just a girl….standing with hair and makeup. A stylist. A photographer. A lighting crew, wind machine, props, and a computer …. asking you to think I woke up like this,” writes the actress. Her heartfelt message was quickly liked over 5,5M times.

Image credits: jenniferaniston

Most of us know the actress best for her role of Rachel in the TV series Friends and Jennifer says it really helped her find her voice. “I started meeting all of these people who expressed to me how much the show meant to them — how it lifted their spirits during a bad breakup or got them through an illness,” said the actress in an interview with Variety. “I was just so incredibly moved by that. And I began to change the way I thought about my own voice, and what it meant to have a platform to use it.”

In other backstage pics, it seemed like the actress was having a lot of fun

Image credits: nina.clare

Image credits: nina.clare

Even though years passed since Friends ended, the actress doesn’t look a single day older.

Image credits: nina.clare

Image credits: nina.clare

The actresses first Instagram post, a Friends reunion photo, was liked over 14M times

Image credits: jenniferaniston

Just a few days before, Jennifer posted a comparison picture of herself in her youth and now

Image credits: jenniferaniston

People loved the pics and the message

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