30 Clever Comebacks By Celebrities That Shut Annoying People Down Immediately

Published 2 years ago

There are so many keyboard warriors out there trying to spread negativity and hatred for celebrities. While most of the time, famous folks ignore these trolls and just keep living their lives as they want, sometimes they get into the battlefield only to burn the trolls with their savage replies.

Today, we have collected some amazing celebrity comebacks on the internet that are fierce, witty, and wild. Scroll below to read some of the best ones.

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#1 Anna Kendrick’s Clapback

Image source: ulicain, AnnaKendrick47

#2 Dream Body. Danny DeVito

Image source: inb5

#3 She Has No Time

Image source: gagasapostle, cher

#4 Oh, Burn

Image source: frankiemuniz

#5 This Response

Image source: TheRoot, TheRock

#6 Lili Reinhart Responded To Body Shamers Who Were Concerned About Her Weight

Image source: lilireinhart

#7 Perfect Reply

Image source: _rolIingstoned, jk_rowling

#8 This Headline Was Trying To Call Lupita Nyong’o’s Brother, Peter Nyong’o, Out. But He Knows He Looks Good

Image source: allafrica, JuniorNyongo

#9 Kendall And Kylie Jenner Were Selling Expensive T-Shirts Featuring Their Faces Over Images Of Famed Music Groups And Artists

Image source: mrssosbourne

#10 Cole Sprouse Had The Best Response To Bill O’Reilly Question

Image source: BillOReilly, colesprouse

#11 Sass Master James Blunt

Image source: jthundersrocks, JamesBlunt

#12 Zendaya Jokingly Claps Back At Eagle-Eyed Fan

Image source: zendaya

#13 Lil Nas X Points Out Double Standard Between Straight And Queer Rappers

Image source: drboycewatkins1, LilNasX

#14 This Moment Of History

Image source: diplo, lordemusic

#15 This Is A Beautiful Burn

Image source: jamesblunt

#16 Greta Thunberg Responds To Trump

Image source: gretathunberg, realDonaldTrump

#17 J.K. Rowling Is One Of The Queens Of Clapbacks On Twitter

Image source: diegtristan8, jk_rowling

#18 Trevor Noah Clapbacks At Ted Cruz

Image source: tedcruz, Trevornoah

#19 It’s Almost As If Sarcasm Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Image source: EW, AnnaKendrick47

#20 Not All Of J.K. Rolwing’s Fans Agrees With Her, But She Couldn’t Have Cared Less

Image source: jk_rowling

#21 Don’t Mess With Pink

Image source: King_Sullivan, Pink

#22 Terry Crews’ Response To A Fan Who Criticized Him For Not Taking A Picture With Her

Image source: _ericabrianne, terrycrews

#23 Bullies Are Cowards

Image source: huachinango83, Pink

#24 Lil Nas X With The Clapback

Image source: schnatti00

#25 Piers, U’re Still Here?

Image source: piersmorgan, emrata

#26 Finn Wolfhard Roasted James Charles

Image source: finnwolfhard

#27 Be Grateful

Image source: rihanna

#28 Queen Of Clapbacks

Image source: chrissyteigen, chrissyteigen

#29 Lil Nas X Is Clapping Back To Boosie Badazz And Other Peers

Image source: LilNasX, LilNasX

#30 Troll-Slaying Comeback

Image source: jk_rowling

Saumya Ratan

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