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50+ Times Students Surprised Everyone With Their Epic Yearbook Quotes

Published 2 years ago

#141 If The Red Rivers A Flowin’, Take The Dirt Road Home

Image source: EthiopianChica

#142 I Mean I Don’t Even Know Why You Girls Even Bother At This Point, Like, Give It Up, It’s Me, And I Win, You Lose, Hahahaha

Image source: hajadajah

#143 “… But To Live Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive” – Nicki Minaj

Image source: Onikaslaysme

#144 Did You See What I Done? Came In A Blonde Wig Left In A Black One

Image source: Ohemss

#145 If I Was Mean To You And I Said I Was Joking, I Wasn’t

Image source: callmeumami

#146 If You’re Not Talking Money, I Don’t Want To Talk

Image source: A_Hasselbach

#147 When A Ten Is Speaking, All You Fives Quiet Down And Listen Up

Image source: emmygrahamxo

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