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50+ Times Students Surprised Everyone With Their Epic Yearbook Quotes

Published 2 years ago

#31 I Think It Was More Difficult To Graduate Than To Cross The Border

Image source: solargerard

#32 I Found My Super Suit

Image source: bodica1

#33 “Aim For The Moon. That Way, If You Miss, You’re A Disappointment On A Much Larger Scale.” – Brian Essbe

Image source: SortaBad

#34 Me Like Rice

#35 Call Me Dadi

Image source: carsonautri

#36 “Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go?” – Cotton-Eye Joe

Image source: carsonautri

#37 I’m Trying To Come Up With A Senior Quote For You But All I Can Think Of Is Hippo Farts – Mom

Image source: thiccafdolan

#38 There’s No Need To Repeat Yourself. I Ignored You Just Fine At First Time

Image source: emilyadoresyou

#39 So What, Do I Just Write Something Here And It’ll Go In The Yearbook?

Image source:

#40 I Asked God For A Bike, But I Know God Doesn’t Work That Way, So I Stole A Bike And Asked God For Forgiveness

Image source: MensHumor

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