39 Times People Experienced Pareidolia And Just Had To Share

Published 4 years ago

Sometimes our eyes love playing tricks on us. See that shadow of a tree – doesn’t it look like a silhouette of a man? How about that oddly-shaped vegetable – don’t tell me it doesn’t totally look like a tiny dwarf. Most of us have been in these situations but did you know that there’s an actual name for it? It’s called Pareidolia and it’s described as “the tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer”.

People online are sharing incredible examples of pareidolia they’ve spotted in the wild and you might be surprised. Check out all the little places they’ve managed to spot faces, animals and other things in the gallery below!

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#1 This Is Why Literal Fairy Tales Exist

#2 I Thought That Lady Was A Muppet

Image source: brockomaba

#3 These Two Rocks Look Like A Mother Breastfeeding Her New Born Child

Image source: xaeminn

#4 What The Hell Is So Funny Steve?

Image source: CloudyAero

#5 Let Us Out

Image source: kabloona

#6 I Want To Believe

Image source: mattythedog

#7 Dragon Tree

Image source: nelad1234

#8 Pigeon Poops Portrait Of Itself On A Leaf

Image source: Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat

#9 Pulled The Door Handle Off And He Was As Shocked As I Was

Image source: MonsterPooper

#10 Whatever This Chair Is Going Through I Can Relate

Image source: thirddegreebernie

#11 There Is A Lion Wearing Sunglasses On The Belly Of This Grasshopper

Image source: opi_q

#12 The Snow On Top Of This Mountain That Looks Like A Lizard

Image source: mcspecies

#13 A Cute Dog But Actually Just Rust

Image source: XiaoRJ

#14 I Found A Piece Of Driftwood That Looks Like A Dragon’s Head

Image source: MarliePwns

#15 This Overflowing Cupcake Ended Up Looking Like An Elephant

Image source: Skyblue_Monty

#16 This Boiled Egg Exploded While Cooking And Looks Like A Snail

Image source: monkeyman9608

#17 Scared Switches

#18 I See Sid

#19 This Ashy Potato That Looks About Done With Life

Image source: meebit

#20 I’m Flying

Image source: claporga

#21 Chomp

Image source: mok525zy

#22 My Car Seems Pretty Happy About The Snowstorm

Image source: nearpractical

#23 “Yer A Hazard, Harry”

Image source: tiatiaaa89

#24 Looks Like There’s A Goddess In This Orange

Image source: theone1221

#25 Bubbles That Form A Little Cat Shape

Image source: HowAboutNo69

#26 This Shadow Looks Exactly Like A Man’s Head. Lone Peak, Big Sky, Montana

Image source: clarkbarniner

#27 This T. Rex Shaped Cactus

Image source: P10_WRC

#28 I Wonder Which Song Was On

Image source: Axel-Magoche

#29 Dog Stick I Found

Image source: AidanOrsargos

#30 What Did He See

Image source: HashTheDankEngine

#31 She’s Having Twins

Image source: plazma421

#32 The Pattern On My Dog’s Chest Looks Like A Cat Mid Sneeze

Image source: VintageRice

#33 This Orchid Really Looks Like An Eagle

Image source: kYlejAEnz

#34 My Drink Looks Like A Crocodile Is Looking At Me

Image source: wikings2

#35 Alien Pickle

Image source: MaxMelisson

#36 The Ice In My Glass Sort Of Looks Like A Face

Image source: HOOKMAN-BUTTZ

#37 Found A Rock That Looks Like A Shark

Image source: gdarb

#38 This Pure-Bread My Friend Got At A Restaurant

Image source: HolyCoconuts

#39 Stupid Sexy Flanders

Image source: abdlforever

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