20 Impressive Photos Portraying The Essence Of Street Photography

Published 1 year ago

Street photography is a genre of photography that perfectly captures the fascinating moments amidst the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

So today, we are introducing two Facebook groups– Street Photography Cartier-Bresson Inspired and The World Wide Street Photography Club. These groups showcase the talents of street photographers from all around the world. Check out some of their most interesting pics in the gallery below.

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#1 Street Kids, China, 2012

Image source: Robin Marsupilami

#2 The Tramp

Image source: Nikos Esmeroglou

#3 Shenna Is A Punk Rocker…edinburgh

Image source: Urwärs Stefan Hamreus

#4 Through The Streets Of The Center Of Tallinn, The Capital Of Estonia

Image source: Daniel Peterburg

#5 Paris April 2023

Image source: Regina Trumpokaitiene

#6 Tullamore Ireland

Image source: Kinga Mazurek

#7 New York City

Image source: Ken Nadle


Image source: Evgenia Dobrushina

#9 Ollantaytambo, Peru

Image source: Charles Hsieh

#10 Kolkata. March 8th, 2023

Image source: Niklas Lindskog

#11 1950s Frozen In Time

Image source: Rod Oliveira

#12 Vegetarian Festival Phuket, Thailand

Image source: Dan Walsh

#13 Pigeon Man

Image source: Eitan Daniel Raz

#14 A Long Way

Image source: Nataliia Kochnieva

#15 I Carry The Load! Gaurav Freeman India

Image source: Gaurav Freeman

#16 “Chasing The Last Rays Of The Day, One Catch At A Time.”

Image source: Sameer M Shah

#17 “Homeless Veteran”

Image source: Drew Cunningham

#18 From The Life Of Cats

Image source: Arkadiy Kurta

#19 Laruns, France

Image source: Linda Vanderstukken

#20 Spotted In A Museum

Image source: John Downs

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