People Expose The Biggest Movie Mistakes They’ve Spotted In Famous Movies On This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

There’s a lot of elements that go into making movies obviously, and with so many people involved in one project there’s bound to be the occasional human error that may have slipped through the cracks. While it may take a hawk-eyed person to spot those mistakes with 8 billion people in the world, the odd lie in our favor.

So, when a subreddit called, r/MovieMistakes popped up asking people to share the biggest movie mistakes spotted, cinephiles responded and their detective skills are on point. Scroll below for some proper movie sleuthing and check out some of the biggest acting, editing, and narrative fails spotted in films and shows.

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#1 I’m Watching Doctor Strange And I Caught A Crew Member Literally In Plain Sight

Image source: greenm312

#2 I Don’t Think This Is How You Fire An Arrow With A Bow

Image source: JellySorry5372

#3 Pretty Woman Was A Big Hit In The ’90s.few May Have Noticed That When They Have Breakfast Together At The Hotel, Roberts’ Character Takes A Croissant From The Table, Which Shortly After, At Minute 32:10, Mysteriously Transforms Into A Pancake

Image source: JellySorry5372

#4 Show (9-1-1 S3-Ep3) This Guy Got His Arm Amputated But They Forgot To Edit It Out Of This Shot

Image source: Ian11z

#5 In The Lost World, Jurassic Park 2 (1997) Ian Malcolm Looks Through Binoculars The Wrong Way

Image source: UnScrapper

#6 In Terminator 2, The Head Of The T-1000 Starts Splitting Before Arnold Shoots

Image source: allgoners

#7 In Pulp Fiction You Can See The Bullet Holes On The Wall Even Before The Guy Comes Out From The Bathroom,shooting!

Image source: kajokarafili

#8 In Liar, Liar (1997), In The Fight Scene, You Can See That The Toilet Is Made Of Foam

Image source: heidismiles

#9 After Mcclane Hangs Karl You Can See Karl Standing In Background

Image source: Obmr-snrU

#10 Im Watching Encino Man, I’m The Scene Where Link Hijacks The Drivers Ed Car, Definetly Not Sean Astin In The Back. Can You Say Stunt Driver? Lol

Image source: tundraportal

#11 ‘that 90’s Show’ Season 1 Episode 1. All That Netflix Budget And They Couldn’t Get The Period Correct Chip Packaging?

Image source: anma1234

#12 On Jane The Virgin, Petra’s Mom Is In The Hospital With A Breathing Mask On… Except It’s Not There In The Next Shot We See Her In

Image source: VITMOR-

#13 Inventing Anna Photographer Lens Cap

Image source: BlurMyFace

#14 In ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Several Cbs Studio Buildings Are Visible In The Background From The Lagoon. Episode ‘The Friendly Physician’, 1966

Image source: BobbyCrispyGuitar

#15 In Hidalgo (2004), During The Final Stretch Of The Race, Frank Rides His Horse Without A Saddle, Until A Brief Shot Where He’s Suddenly In A Saddle Again

Image source: MsYagi90

#16 In Insidious, You Can Very Clearly See A Fog Machine And You Can Even See The Operator Moving In The Darkness If You Look Closely

Image source: CrunkyDunk

#17 Seinfeld S8 Ep2 You Can See Jerry’s Mic When He Lifts Up His Jacket

Image source: Madison_was_bored

#18 Aladdin 2019 Probably Late To This Party But It Looks Like A Cell Phone In His Pocket

Image source: PoopyGoat

#19 About 50 Minutes In To Hereditary, All I Could See Was Toni Collette’s Wig’s Lace

Image source:

#20 In Spider-Man (2002), When He Goes To Punch Green Goblin, The Stunt-Double’s Lips Can Be Seen Still. While Willem Dafoe Voiceovers “Impressive!”

Image source: Jllanes734

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