20 Unexpected Fictional Character Deaths We Still Can’t Seem To Get Over

Published 1 year ago

There are some things in life that leave a mark rather unexpectedly and a reddit thread question, “What was the saddest fictional character death for you?’ really sparked a deluge of responses from people wanting to share their answers too. We have to advise; you might want to brace yourself a little as this particular memory trip may hit you in the feels just a tad, but if you’re ready… Go Forth We Shall!

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Image source: FindingBeemo, sinemabed

The dog in I Am Legend.


Image source: dietrich94, Harry Potter Fans

Dobby the house elf. I sobbed reading it and watching it.

primeprover replied:

“Such a beautiful place, to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter.”


Image source: ozinou, WeCanTry

Eddie in Stranger Things


Image source: Anything-Live, Movie Mania

Wolverine in Logan, that was such a great ending to his story but damn if it wasn’t sad


Image source: crooksndragons, Shumy miles

Bing Bong :((( the whole “take her to the moon for me” got me in SHAMBLES


Image source: hodges2, Zach Tirrell

Tony Stark

lostmymainprof replied:

Tony Stark had the best goddamn character development through the entire phase 1/ infinity war saga, I will die on this hill.


Image source: Admirable_Dream_, John Coffey – The Green Mile

John Coffey in the Green Mile.

There’s a passage in the book (around the time Paul and Brutal and Harry take John to see Melinda Moores) when they pass through the room that houses the electric chair and John remarks about Old Sparky and how he can hear voices coming from it, screaming.

colddeaddrummer replied:

After religiously watching the film and reading the book a handful of times, it hurts so much to know John has to ride the lightning in that same chair, despite being a being of pure light and magic. He’s one of King’s all-time great characters: a simple, unassuming creature of mythical power, tender wisdom, and infinite generosity.


Image source: Exciting_Pepper_69, Fox Family Entertainment

Marley in Marley and me ?


Image source: thatbitch8008, R. Kurmann

Mufasa’s death gets me every time


Image source: Tuna-No-Crust, Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers

Saving Private Ryan has two of the saddest, most brutally gut wrenching deaths I’ve ever seen on screen in Wade and Mellish. Wade trying to talk the guys through his injury that goes from panic and terror to acceptance of his own death as he cries out for his mother and says “I want to go home”? Jesus Christ. Mellish is brutal for all the more uncomfortable and raw reasons you’d imagine. War is horrific. Young men are sent off to die and their lives are cut short for no reason. It’s tragic and heartbreaking and this is one of the only movies to really nail that feeling


Image source: Honest-Ad-2169, Harry Potter World

Hedwig. Such a small death, but it really helped to show the pointlessness of war


Image source: Smurfeyyy, Wilson from Cast Away

Wilson from cast away


Image source: bgb8987, crizzl

Honestly I was really invested in GoT (up to a point) and Hodor’s whole story and death were so depressing. Just one of those characters that deserved so much better


Image source: 24Nitro-gamer, xAndrzej42

Stoick the Vast
How to train your dragon

Dude literally just reunited with his wife after over 15 years of being gone and spends a total of about 15 minutes with her.

Cause of death: basically took a bullet in the chest to protect his son.

ThePurpleMister replied:

I saw it in theatres and a bunch of kids started to cry. Not like sniffing but out loud wailing. It added to the atmosphere.


Image source: MaterialScientist420, xXJEashXx

Ellie from UP gets me everytime

cycloptian_tit replied:

Sometimes I wonder how movies ever took off when the first ones were short with no sound.

Then I remember the time a 10 minute animation with no dialogue absolutely wrecked me. It’s a god-damned masterpiece and I hate it.


Image source: __BigBoi__, eazyone83

Pops from Regular Show

He was the literal embodiment of good and he died saving the universe from and with his brother. He was such an innocent and friendly guy who was kind to everyone he met. I still tear up seeing the finale to this day.

Edit: His last words to Mordecai and Rigby especially hurt.

“I know you’re sad, but I promise this is a good ending. Take care of each other. Goodbye.”


Image source: Kross516, Screen Themes

Brooks, Shawshank Redemption.

It was just so damn sad to see someone so heavily institutionalized. And honestly, I didn’t even realize what was happening in that scene until after he had already carved “Brooks was here” into the beam. It gets me every time. Poor Jake :(


Image source: bananafish_8, imgflip.com

Boromir! My brother, my captain, my king.

TheLonelySnail replied:

They took the little ones!


Image source: ChuckZombie, Movieclips

Bubba in Forrest Gump.

That whole scene had me wrecked. From Bubba’s weak, “I wanna go home,” to Forrest’s narration saying he died by that river in Vietnam while showing him holding Bubba…..God damn, I’m crying just thinking about it.


Image source: DietCokeDude13, Tadashi Hamada

Tadashi Hamada from Big Hero 6. Dude was working on a robot to help others and died in an attempt to help others. What a guy


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