Millennial Women Are Pointing Out How Common Body-Shaming Was In Movies And Tv Shows That We Grew Up With

Published 1 year ago

It’s crazy that when we think back to the 2000s, that it was normalized to make such uninformed observations about women’s bodies, as portrayed in movies and TV shows back then. Tara Watson, was watching Bridget Jones’ Diary when she realized how normalized fat-shaming was in the 2000s and posted a tweet about it sparking a conversation which many women joined

In the last 22 years, we have made a lot of progress, but we have to keep highlighting our point. Change is never overnight, it’s something that happens over time. So let’s see, how much mainstream media used to body shame and fat-shame women which we all just accepted as normal, but would not fly in todays society.

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After Tara Watson called out the film Bridget Jones’s Diary for giving women “trust issues”, many others shared how the media of the early 2000s negatively affected them

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