Boho Chic Style – A Simple Guide To Achieving A Great Look

Published 8 years ago
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So you love that chilled-out hippy style that seems to be making fasion headlines more and more these days? You sure aren’t alone! Boho chic style is a fashion choice that tells people who you are, what you love, how you feel and why you are a great person! It somehow captures a sense of hazy sunshine, chilled-out afternoons with friends, early morning beach walks and late night memories, all within one very understated style!

So you love the style and you think that boho is totally you, but you really aren’t too sure how to achieve the look, right? No problem! We’re at your service to show you just what you need to get yourself into this fashion, once you’ve got the clothes and accessories for boho chic style from sites like Vavavida, all you need to do is get your inner vibe feeling boho to carry off the look!

One Big No No – Don’t Overdo It!

Remember this style is all about looking cool, chilled-out, relaxed and understated. Granted long flowy layers may all be part of the boho look, but drowning yourself in too many of them will only make it look like you’ve tried way too hard – the opposite of what boho chic style is all about!

Think Earthy When It Comes To The Color Palette

Boho style captures that idea of being at peace and harmony with nature. Think of those warm earthy colors like khaki, olive green, tan, dark brown, cream and so on, and you can’t go too far wrong with color choice.

Once you’ve set your base colors as warm, earthy and at one with nature, it’s time to build it up. Silver, gold, deep reds and purples, or a splash of another vibrant colors will beautifully complement the look. Just remember the rule about not overdoing it though, if your outfit has more than 4 colors, you’re already in the danger zone.

Let The Past Play a Role In The Here And Now

Vintage and boho go hand in hand in the fashion world. You see the styles we know today as boho, had their roots in the fashion of the 60s and 70s. You know those floral prints that your granny boasted in her youthful photos, or those wide leg pants and distressed leather bags, they can all help you to create your own unique boho chic style with a good splash of vintage fun.

There is no doubt that boho fashion is an incredible style. In a magical way it breathes life, harmony, peace, and fun into what could be a dull and boring day. It has the ability to catch eyes, put a smile on a passerby’s face, and remind an older person of a youthful secret.

Whilst boho fashion creates a cool, effortless and understated look, it can be quite tricky to actually achieve it! Remember, don’t over do the layers, choose lots of warm and earthy colors and bring a touch of the past into your style; you’ll soon be rocking boho in a way you never thought possible!

Boho Chic Style

Boho Chic Style


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