20 Posts From This Online Community That Highlight The “Boring Dystopia” We Live In

Published 1 year ago

Did us millennials somehow manage to break the matrix and create a dystopian timeline which is what we consider our current reality? While this may sound like the plot of a Hollywood sci-fi movie there’s a number of people that are considering this a very real possibility. In order to prove their theory, they have created a subreddit ‘Boring Dystopia’ where posts are shared, that show this current chaos we are experiencing is a manipulated situation catering to our collective downfall and malaise. Unconvinced? Scroll below and decide for yourself.

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#1 Ahhh, No Wonder The End Of Civilization Is So Boring

Image source: _tomcashman

#2 That’s Why No One Has Kids?

Image source: NotABigJerk

#3 How Long Until They Get Ones For Chickens?

Image source: _Ensign_Ricky_

#4 100%. Not Even A Question

Image source: ItsDanSheehan

#5 Must We Apply Whatever We’ve Learned?

Image source: mhdksafa

#6 Celeb Charity

Image source: JAFD74

#7 Nestle

Image source: TayyanEl

#8 When A Dystopia With Hungry Children Is Painted As A Feel Good Story

Image source: BelleAriel

#9 This Is So Painful

Image source: mhdksafa

#10 Should They Have To Charge?

Image source: DanPriceSeattle

#11 Don’t Know What To Say

Image source: stats_feed

#12 They’re Not Wrong

Image source: BelleAriel

#13 Death/Penalty

Image source: sanguine_siamese

#14 Had I Also Given A Donation?

Image source: mhdksafa

#15 What’s The Cause?

Image source: mhdksafa

#16 Conditioning

Image source: QueerlyAutistic

#17 That’s How Inflation Comes

Image source: arnobhasan

#18 God Save Us All

Image source: captainfatc0ck

#19 Does This Fit? I’m Still Figuring Out This Sub

Image source: perfectsweeties

#20 I Think Certain Straight White Men Literally Being Above The Law Counts As Dystopian

Image source: CptMatt_theTrashCat

#21 Paid Off Your Loan “Too Fast”

Image source: shekharshashank220

#22 Leasing People Is Slavery

Image source: werntz360

#23 You Will Grow Nothing, And Be Happy About It

Image source: mikebattaglia_com

#24 What Do You Do?

Image source: DylanOgline

#25 The Part At The Bottom Does Make Me Angry

Image source: BigShine2509

#26 This Hurts My Soul

Image source: elphie_l

#27 Word Of The Day Is Respect

Image source: paintedpeanuts

#28 I’m A Buffalo Fan And I Hate This

Image source: DanPriceSeattle

#29 Stealing Might Be The Word For It

Image source: DylanOgline

#30 I Always Wondered How And Why “Public” Universities Got So Expensive In The U.s

Image source: Rezamavoir

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