30 Famous Movies Described “As Boring As Possible” In This Viral Twitter Thread

Published 4 years ago

When someone asks us to describe our favorite movie, we usually like to go all out, explaining everything to the tiniest detail, and even throwing in a few of our own theories about the ending. But what if someone asked you to describe it as vaguely as possible – or better yet, as boring as possible? Well, Twitter user Romina recently asked people to do just that.

Romina’s tweet went viral almost instantly, getting over 66.3k retweets and 29.1k likes just a few days. People responded with all sorts of movie descriptions that will make you laugh out loud. Vague, laconic, and absolutely hilarious – check out all of the boring movie descriptions in the gallery below!

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Twitter user Romina recently asked people to describe their favorite movies in the most boring way


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