25 Women Spill The Tea On Their Pettiest Relationship Revenge Stories

Published 4 months ago

Have you ever found yourself relishing the sweet taste of revenge after a relationship turned into a spectacular disaster? One Redditor got Netizens sharing the details of their homemade dishes of revenge by asking online, “What’s the most deliciously wicked act of pettiness you’ve committed in the wake of a relationship’s spectacular implosion?”

Whether it’s something as harmless as swapping out a former flame’s favourite snack for something they despise or subtly changing the Netflix password, we’ve all indulged in a bit of post-breakup mischief. Scroll below to catch up on all the tales of petty triumph in the face of romantic turbulence as folks shared their most deliciously wicked acts of pettiness in the aftermath of a breakup.

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Image source: LimitFree4775, Miguel Teixeira/flickr

Ex was a “vinyl DJ”. After he basically treated me like s**t one night and we had a huge argument I got up during the night and took out vinyls and put them in the wrong sleeves. He had fair few hundred. Took me ages. I then packed my little overnight bag I kept at his and left. He was supposed to play a gig the next day.
I heard he was RAGING ?

#2 I emailed his mom to tell her her grown a*s son (30s) wouldn’t leave me alone after I ended things. Not a few minutes later he’s texting me upset I got his mom involved lmao

Image source: ValuableBodybuilder, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

#3 Left my video game addicted ex, internet bill was in my name so I cancelled it the day I left

Image source: Trulymad87, Tima Miroshnichenko/pexels


Image source: THROWAWAYAFTER2DAY1, RDNE Stock project/pexels

Found out about a month after we bought a house that my boyfriend of three years posted on a subreddit talking negatively about my body (specifically that I was never his type, asking for tips on how to ask me to get boob implants cuz my boobs were too little apparently, etc). He later doubled down when confronted that he wasn’t really attracted to me due to my skinny-ness. He’d done a bunch of things up to this point but for some reason the Reddit post hurt me the most. I’d never been insecure about my body until then.

So naturally I found someone who actually likes me for me and f****d them in every single room in our house whenever my ex wasn’t there (I’d been looking for my own place in the meantime). When I did finally move out, I reported his illegal marijuana use to his employer (drug use is prohibited when possessing a security clearance). He still has no idea he’s under investigation & will be losing his job soon (which would also mean his house & probably his car cuz he’d been barely making it by since the house got purchased).

I really wanted to take the high road but the audacity of this “man” to waste so many of my good years (met when I was 24, he was 32) made me realize I couldn’t just walk away without some sort of revenge.

Oh and the new guy? Turned out to be literally everything I’ve wanted in a partner and we’re still going strong! NEVER SETTLE, LADIES!!!


Image source: NudismLifestyle, Tima Miroshnichenko/pexels

My boyfriend left me when he found out that he got me pregnant, I shared this with my friends. They secretly filmed a video of how he said when they met that he was not ready to be a father and how his love disappeared after I got pregnant, my friend posted this video on various social networks, the most received almost 2 million views on TikTok. Over time, almost every person in our city saw this video, his mother called me to delete it because her sweet son was depressed

#6 I took his phone to the bathroom with me. he assumed I was reading through his messages with the other woman, but I just deleted every single photo of me/us together, my contact info, and removed myself from all of his social media, then handed it back to him, took my stuff, and left.

Image source: tortillanips, Ketut Subiyanto/pexels


Image source: Glindanorth, Richard Masoner / Cyclelicio/flickr

Not wicked, but absolutely petty. I never wanted children and was clearly upfront about that from a fairly young age. In my 20s, I had a boyfriend who said he was OK with that and felt the same way. Except he lied. He wasted four years of my life waiting for me “to come to my senses” and understand that of course I wanted to have kids. I was deeply hurt but also angry that he just wasn’t taking me seriously and he honestly believed that I just needed to have a baby to understand how great parenthood was actually going to be. He really believed it would all just be fun, fun, fun. Of course, it would mean me leaving the workforce to become a stay-at-home mother and homemaker while his career went on as usual. He had never so much as babysat an hour in his life and really had no practical concept of what having children involved. The fact that he was so casual about assuming I wasn’t serious about my own aspirations or that they didn’t matter just pissed me off. It also turned out he didn’t think I was going to do anything significant in my career. It was so condescending. He told me I would never find a partner as good as him.

It was not a smooth or easy breakup. My parting shot was to buy my ex-fiance subscriptions to every parenting/new baby magazine on the market and in the process of signing him up for those, I checked every box to have him contacted by phone and mail for any and all promotions related to having a family, and for sales calls from life insurance to diaper subscriptions to education savings funds to toy sales. He absolutely detested junk mail and telemarketers, so I felt a certain glee signing him up to be inundated with all of that, but I also thought he should have stacks of those magazines on his living room coffee table for any potential future girlfriends to see.

Anyway, I went on to girl-boss my way through my career and I accomplished a lot to be proud of. I didn’t stay in touch with the ex, but he tried to message me online about 12 years ago after he heard me do an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition. I did not respond.


Image source: Minkiemink, Vanessa Garcia/pexels

My then BF had a favorite Tshirt that he had bought overseas years ago. That shirt was wearing out, and although he had looked high and low for years, he was never able to find the shirt again. He loved that shirt. I mean LOVED. His birthday was coming up. I used to be a graphic designer, so I easily reproduced that beloved shirt and had a few made up in multiple colors for him, and one for me. Then I found out that he was cheating, and we broke up. I started dating someone soon after.

Being petty af about what happened, I gifted one of those Tshirts I made to my new guy, telling him the story. We took a photo together of both of us wearing the shirts and posted it up on social media. The ex saw the post of us in the shirts and freaked. He contacted me asking me where I found the shirts?

I told them that I had made them for his birthday, so alas…too bad, so sad…..but other than gifting one to my new BF, I had since given all of the rest of them to Goodwill. He was absolutely furious. I thought he might cry. So petty. So worth it.

#9 He cheated. I called campus cops and let them know he was growing on grounds (he really was). There went the law degree! The same law degree he had me doing all of the homework for him for. ?‍♀️

Image source: mamsaurus, Kindel Media/pexels


He had a girlfriend the whole time we were spending weeks together in his apartment. Except it was THEIR apartment and she traveled for work.

I signed him up as being interested in the Mormon church repeatedly. Requesting visits and saying that even if I am resistant in person keep trying because it’s what’s right for me. I also signed him up and requested information about Scientology. As well as Jehovah witnesses, again requesting them to come to my house and try and preach to me.

Every time I saw anybody advertising some weird MLM on Facebook or job sites I would again give his information. I would go on car dealership websites and say how interested I was in about 15 different cars and once again leave his phone number. Those guys are relentless when they think they’re gonna be able to make a sale.

Lastly I visited any and every website that had information and or products on male pattern baldness and requested any and all mailers they would have of products to try, etc. he was always insecure his hair was thinning.

No regrets baby

Image source: UnsupportedDevice

#11 My ex cheated on me. I turned his best friend against him simply by telling him everything he did. It wasnt nuclear in intention but he lost his entire friend group over it. And props to his best friend and all his other friends who actually refused to tolerate how he treated his girlfriends.

Image source: ItsTimeToGoSleep, Ralph Rabago/pexels

#12 I took a picture of his family’s secret chilli recipe and his mother’s soup recipe. Both are considered family secrets. I make the soup every winter. I have also shared them with people.

Image source: deadplant5, Jo/flickr

#13 Not actually my relationship, but I was too hungover to help very meaningfully when we moved my sister out of her ex husband’s house, so I sat on the floor and put all his games, dvds and blu rays in the wrong cases. Months later my sister discovered that she was now in possession of his favourite game in the DVD box for Titanic, so that was a fun bonus.

Image source: kiralakali, Alejandro Molina B/flickr

#14 I found out my husband had been carrying on with his coworker for years. I had her street address because of Christmas cards. I sent her an anonymous glitter bomb for Christmas that year. He and I are divorcing. I’m sure she knew who it was from, but I never actually heard about it.

Image source: arcadiafalls, cottonbro studio/pexels


Maybe not petty – since it involved some planning. Found out boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me again, after he swore the first time was isolated and “it would never happen again.” (I was so stupid for taking him back!)

I didn’t let on that I knew about the other woman. I planned a fake, “all expense paid” trip to Hawaii a few weeks in advance. He hadn’t had a vacation in many years, so he was super excited. Got his input on hotels, excursions, etc. He arranged the time off work and was all set. Two days before we were supposed to leave I sent him an explosive text that I knew about Sheri and the joke’s on him. He was seething and I loved the thought of him being so sucked in by the excitement of the fake trip! … and then devastation. That was 20 years ago, I’m in my 50’s now and I still don’t regret doing that!

Image source: LocalAndi


Image source: StianCarl, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

This experience is forever burned into my brain. I can’t say I’ve always had this much self-respect, but there are days that I am proud and sometimes inspired by my younger self.

9 months into my first relationship, I found out that my then-boyfriend had been cheating on me and professing his love to at least two other gals. When I confronted him about it over the phone, he said he thought he was polyamourous and that he couldn’t help it (yeah, not how that works guy). Now, even though he was a cheater, I wasn’t the type of person to dump someone on a phone call or over text. I needed to look the guy in the eyes while he told me the truth about his transgressions. This was early high school, so the next day my dad called my school and told them I wouldn’t be coming in. My dad then drove me to the next town over and took me to this guy’s house. Dad asked if I was okay to go in by myself. I nodded, and my sweet dad waited in the car for me as I walked up to my ex’s suburban home. I knocked on the door, and conveniently, his mother answered the door. My ex’s mother had no idea what was going on, but politely invited me in and called for ex to come downstairs because he had a visitor. Apparently, he had also called in sick to school that day. His mother gave us some privacy and I sat on the couch across from him and made him tell me every detail as he sobbed his eyes out.

At one point, his mother heard him crying and entered the room. She asked us to come into the kitchen and offered us a couple of drinks, which I politely declined. Sensing tension, she asked what the problem was and if she could help with anything. The sweet woman had no clue. Never breaking eye contact with ex, I politely replied that she probably could not help. However, ex did have something important to tell her. I stared him down and said, “You will, or I will. Every detail just as you told me.”

He sobbed and confessed that I had been his girlfriend for the past 9 months (he never even told his mother???), and that during our relationship he had actively been cheating on me (or at least tried to cheat with several, only succeeded with two). His mother just stared at him in shock. He knew that neither woman at the table was responding with the empathy he sought, so as a hail Mary he stumbled, “I…I THINK I’M POLYAMOUROUS.”

His family was fairly progressive, but the look he received from his mother screamed, “Oh, b******t!”.
Her face turned with utter disgust. There was a pause before her eyes met mine, and she apologized on behalf of her son. She said she knew I had loaned him a few games and that I had given him some nice gifts for his birthday. However, when it came to my birthday, she noted that the gift he had given me was small and more suitable for a friend. She asked me about how much everything had cost, and I responded with a reasonable estimate. She nodded her head and turned back to her son.

“I know you just got paid. Go get your wallet.”

My ex slinked up the stairs, and his mother and I sat in heavy silence until he returned. He handed me a wad of cash, and his mother chimed in, “Don’t forget the money for gas, too.” He handed me another wad of cash and returned the Gameboy games he had borrowed as well. With that, I thanked his mother, collected my items and walked out the door.

My adrenaline was pumping, but as soon as I got back in the car with my dad I began sobbing too. Before going home, my dad bought us some ice cream and took me to a public dock so that I could look at the quiet lake and think. It was bittersweet, but I’m grateful I had a man in my life who had showed me what it meant to be truly loved and cared for.

#17 I cut the tips of the pockets out of all his jeans. Just annoying enough to count, strange enough to subvert suspicion

Image source: redhearts, grumo/flickr


He cheated and knocked the woman up. A couple weeks later, I was drunk shopping with a friend and we ran I to his mother and sister. I congratulated them ? They asked what for? and I said, “the baby!” His sister was shocked. His mom said thought something was up because he had made some strange comments. When he found out they had heard his news from me, he was livid! Omg, it was great!

Image source: Nice_Speech6381


He sent his very religious and conservative mom to come pick up his stuff. So I put it all in a bag and neatly placed the two brightly colored sex toys he’d bought me on the top for her to see.

Image source: Competitive_Mark_287


I shared an apartment at the time with my ex. He wasn’t working at the time so I was paying all the bills, one night when I came home from work I noticed how disgusting the bathroom was and asked him to please help me clean it. He jumped on a video game instead with his friends and started laughing while I was cleaning. I calmly finished cleaning myself then locked the door from the inside out (I know how to pick a lock with a Bobby pin, he dosent) then stuck a sign on it that said the bathroom is only for people who clean it :) he woke me up at 2 am yelling he needs to use the bathroom. I pointed at the sign and said s**t outside. Left it like that for a week

Image source: MissMasamune


Image source: SkyesMomma, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

Had been seeing a guy for 3ish months. I thought we were getting pretty serious. He’d spent nights & wknds at my place, we were (i thought) making plans to meet families/parents, spoke on the phone every day at great lengths, then one day I was completely ghosted. Blocked, blocked, blocked on everything. I was devastated. It took a few months for me to somewhat heal from this….
Cue the “are we dating the same guy” page on FB for my city…I posted him anonymously & there were other women admitting to dating him until he ghosted them, etc. THEN, a woman commented that he was married to her coworker. She received all the tea and told the wife. Every month or so, I would repost him anonymously on various other AWDTSG pages in my & surrounding cities and multiple women were commenting that they were currently dating him & they would compare notes, etc. I found out he & his wife split, and he was now living in a city a few hours away & still doing the same to other women.

I continue to post his photo every month or so just to blow his s**t up.

Edited to add: I’ve since found his profile on here & fetlife. Anyone else wants to blow his s**t up, just let me know…


Image source: technondtacos, Jack Sparrow/pexels

Found out my ex was talking to another girl who I knew was a cashier at target. I don’t know if they had met in person but I purposely went to the register she was at. His face turned purple and his voice was cracking the whole time. I wasn’t rude to the girl, I just played it off and was flirty with him. I know she was caught off guard too, so I do feel bad about that. But he was s******g himself. It was so funny. But I say it’s really out of character for me so that’s when I realized, this isn’t healthy and removed myself.


Image source: eeriedear, Blue Bird/pexels

He cheated on me while I was out of town and didn’t bother to pick me up from the airport when I returned. I had to get a taxi home where I sat alone in our apartment for hours until he “got done helping this girl with her resume.”

When I confronted him, he admitted immediately that he slept with her and he “didn’t know which of us he wanted to be with” and asked for a few days to think.

I graciously offered to let him stay in the apartment for that time while I went to a friend’s house. I called my parents that night. While he was at work the next day, my mom and I cleared the apartment completely. All of the furniture was mine, pretty much everything was mine actually. We left that apartment empty save for a pile of his s****y gym clothes and his a*****e cat. He walked in from work just after I dumped every picture of us in the kitchen sink.

My mom even took back the pair of nice dress shoes she’d given him for the previous Christmas.

#24 Found out my ex cheated on me with the girl he kept telling me not to worry about. I was so mad I intentionally went out of my way to be nice to them, always saying hi and asking how they are. ? the girl would walk away so fast and then pick a fight with him afterwards. I was so happy I ruined his day. They broke up shortly after.

Image source: Pollypocket289, David Mosquera/pexels


Image source: miss_sass1992, Steven Isaacson/flickr

Found out my boyfriend was cheating with multiple women because he saved their Snapchat convos and something told me to check his phone ? in one convo he was debating whether he was ready “to f**k her raw yet” and in another he had saved the girls phone number. So while he was at work I packed all my stuff and left the state. Not before I bought him a box of condoms and left a sticky note saying “for you and X until you’re ready to f**k her raw” and texted the other letting her know he was up for grabs but that she’d be competing with about 3 other girls ?





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