25 Of The Most Awesome Petty Revenge Plans Executed By People

Published 5 months ago

It’s not exactly healthy to react to someone who is annoying you with petty revenge, but if it’s done correctly, we can all appreciate some subtle payback plans a little bit at least. 

Seeking revenge can be a means to teaching someone a lesson, or just letting someone know that their behaviour was not okay with you. Either way, the following collection of petty revenge tales are absolutely delicious for those of us who want to live vicariously or are looking for some inspiration for our own petty revenge plans. 

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Image credits: fuzzymittens


Image source: punker308

Catherine: This. This is the level of petty I’m here for 😂🤌


Image source: MHPoison1


Image source: jessicaklowe

KinoEel: Cheaters never win


Image source: carwraek

Vasana Phong: A whole year??!! I would’ve done this 3 months in


Image source: babybeginner


Image source: JulieMontoya20


Image source: Elke96652130

Heather Evans: Wine snobs are the worst!!! This is gold


Image source: peachesanscream


Image source: amybarnes_usa

DarkViolet: Proof positive that you CAN fight City Hall!


Image source: ksjojo


Image source: slayerfest1999

nomnomborkbork: However many generations that is, I hope the story is always told with it.


Image source: sciencechick1

nomnomborkbork: Only fitting.


Image source: MissesDread

Heather Evans: Question .. why didn’t your hubby do this?? It’s HIS friend! I need an update on the status of this marriage


Image source: StarLasswell1

VioletHunter: I would have sold those for the money they were worth.


Image source: nebraska508

Hphizzle: My kind of petty. No, you don’t get the pretty, big bow. You get the bent ugly one. My revenge is hard to recover from. At least in my head, it is.


Image source: eesgreene


Image source: IndyJULES07

Catherine: I’m here for petty but this one is evil. Google password is everything 😭


Image source: nora_batty_


Image source: RevivalCare

Ripley: Habanero sauce would be better. Firstly, immediate effect, and secondly, the laxative thing is a bit icky (and has been done to death).


Image source: homesbydonna101


Image source: LorriNielsen

BTDubs: The Barney song is literally torture.


Image source: fuk_it_tol


Image source: PamelaL35720112


Image source: keyladelslay

Cyber Returns: I’m the sort of person who will respect another persons life choices but become petty when they don’t respect mine


Image source: makettlesplace

Heather Evans: I want to hear all the stories ..

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