20 Of The Wildest Screenshots From The Online Dating App Hinge

Published 1 year ago

No doubt, the reason for the popularity of dating apps such as Hinge is that no matter what we learn about dating, we’re still endlessly fascinated by the concept. If you’re wondering what the modern online dating pool is like, look no further than below as we bring you a range of screenshots to give you a quick snapshot of the wild nature of modern dating.

Taken from the r/HingeApp reddit page, a community dedicated to romantic experiences, detailing the navigation of the twists and turns of modern dating. However meaningful as Hinge tries to make romance, the app has a diverse collection of experiences in store for the brave user willing to forage through 20 million other users in the search of the ever-reclusive love.

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#1 Probably Won’t Get A Response, But I Love My Clever Responses

Image source: SaulC123

#2 How Would You Respond

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Wtf Is Wrong With People. Jesus

Image source: couchguyDave

#4 Hinge Matchmaking Is Unrivalled

Image source: BeatySwallocks

#5 The Only Response, Right?

Image source: reddit.com

#6 So, A Kinda Hot Guy Responded To My Profile Video. I Matched Right Away, But Went To Bed. I Woke Up To A Notification Of A Response From Him, But His Picture Changed And He Is Definitely Not The Same Guy. I’m Kinda Being Mean About It But I’m Just Really Annoyed

Image source: sangerous

#7 Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Image source: berserkForYou

#8 Are There Other Reasons?

Image source: bobachella

#9 I Feel Like This Is The Only Answer I See To This Prompt

Image source: Ok-Welder-4425

#10 Pls Confirm

Image source: behold_the_man

#11 I Just Had To Make This Prompt Into A Meme

Image source: AnotherRichard827379

#12 She Did Not Match

Image source: Jedcrandy

#13 There’s A Lot Hinging On This, Grace

Image source: ammosomal

#14 This Is Why I Have No Luck On Dating Apps Isn’t It?

Image source: Inspector–Javert

#15 I Found This Response To Be Quite Clever

Image source: PM_ME_FREE_HUGS

#16 Udderly Absurd

Image source: pizzabagelsaregood

#17 You Have No Idea How Much This Made Me Laugh. Fair Play

Image source: full-metal-packet

#18 She Also Did Not Match

Image source: Jedcrandy

#19 Who Did This Guy Wrong Lool

Image source: kizzaw98

#20 Ladies Don’t Do This. At least Have The Balls To Cancel

Image source: Captain_brownbeard

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