20 Things Men Do That Makes Women Run In The Opposite Direction

Published 1 year ago

Many men seem to go out of their way to try and impress a woman with all the wrong moves. From boasting about their gaming skills to their gym activities or their vast shoe collection to waxing lyrical about being a workaholic the truth is while all that is well and good its just not working the way its expected to. Its a message that bears repeating though because since the 90s when Shania Twain sang, that don’t impress me much, this has been a pending problem.

Apparently, many women feel the same as discovered by the opinions shared on a particular reddit thread dedicated to discussing the issue. So, let’s dive right in and find out what the online community had to say when asked, as women’s wants and needs have evolved over time what’s one thing that a man does, with the intention of impressing you, that puts you right off?

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Image source: kiwigal2022, oneinchpunchphotos

Driving like a lunatic while you’re in the car, Yeah you are so hot when you could potentially kill us both…Not!!


Image source: ArsenalSpider, diego_cervo

The d**k pic. They expect us to be impressed, actually it just makes us run away and block.


Image source: Sleepy_Kiwi_, gpointstudio

Massive compliments although you barely know each other, without any actions what so ever. Talk is cheap. I’m not sold.


Image source: Shshshannon, westend61

Working all the time or staying up all night for projects. I like sleep and balance


Image source: Snoo52682, Ryutaro Tsukata

The size of their p***s, the size of their bank account, the size of their house … the size of basically friggin’ anything.


Image source: anon_mg3, LightFieldStudios

Calling themselves a feminist or a “good guy.” Texting that they just got back from the gym.


Image source: epicpillowcase, AlonsoDeLaTorr3

Gym selfies.

Any kind of macho posturing. I like secure men. Not ones who have to make a point of how “alpha” they are.


Image source: throwit_amita, s_kawee

Big muscles. I think other men are often attracted to them though.


Bragging about how many followers they have on Instagram or how their friends are Instagram famous.

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Image source: hockeylurker89, nd3000

That they read a book or watched a movie written/directed by a woman – and liked it! – so now they are an expert on women’s issues. Substitute in any marginalized group and it’s just as cringey.


If they want to explain my feelings to me, when I haven’t asked for it, then it’s over lol

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Image source: Ackbar_and_Grille, svitlanah

Being an “expert” on anything and everything, while simultaneously never admitting they don’t know something.

Just admit when you don’t know something! I won’t think less of you! Quite the contrary.


Talking about their ‘very sophisticated’ wine/liquor/beer/food standards, or any monologue that paints them as the arbiter of good taste or worthwhile interests/hobbies. Also, treating other people’s otherwise wholesome interests as stupid or basic or something.

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Image source: denimuprising, Iakobchuk

Any kind of uninvited intimate contact… like that time at the fitness park, I was throwing myself at the climbing wall on my 7th circuit, and out of nowhere, I felt hands on my a*s *helping* me over the wall and he actually had the balls to walk around the wall to offer to train me


Image source: TenaciousToffee, amazingmikael

Trying to talk to you about something you’re knowledgeable in and they are not but they spew this surface level b******t as if it should be impressive. They’re explaining to you/mansplaining your area of expertise. They don’t ask you more because they want to know more, they often quiz you ” wow, you actually know something” or the compliments are backhanded or patronizing (like that’s impressive for A GIRL)

Completely different than trying to relate/convey your mutual like of a subject. You don’t have to be on the same level to talk about a subject, but it comes with a tone that respects your thoughts also and isn’t abkut showmanship.


Their car, fancy clothes, trying to show off their “knowledge” and “intellect” by mansplaining things to me and giving unsolicited advice, being too “generous” or as I’d like to call it “flippant with money”… basically anything showboaty. I do not want to eat at a tapas restaurant which will cost us $70 each for potatoes and sardines and cocktails PRE-COVID. Like dude we work in the same industry I know approx how much you earn. Leasing that $55k car just tells me that you 1) live with your parents and 2) are not saving as much money as I am with those spending habits.

Clearly I had a guy in mind lol.

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Image source: Ekotap89, gstockstudio

Please drop the “alpha male” shtick. It’s exhausting.


Image source: ktkatq, jacoblund

Doing something dangerous or reckless. You’re an adult! Please do not drive like a getaway driver or an F1 racer! I don’t want to die on the highway because you need to impress me with your driving skills! I’m not impressed – I’m terrified, angry, and (assuming I survive this) taking a Lyft home.

This goes for whatever other dumb s**t guys do that could result in loss of life or limb or catastrophic property damage.


Image source: goldenloxe, Somchai Kongkamsri

Owning a surplus of weapons


Image source: Artemistical, Image-Source

Talking about fights he had gotten in. I once went on a date with a guy who brought up fights he had gotten in in the past at least 5 separate times, I felt like I was on a date with a high schooler but he was mid-20s.



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