20 Fantastic Creative Ad Designs That Deserve To Be Seen

Published 1 year ago

We see a lot of ads in our lifetime, but there are some that stand out from the rest. Maybe this is due to their unique design elements, or that they creatively expressed their idea in an artistic manner. Either way, there are those genius ads that are almost masterpieces. 

The DesignP**n subreddit, is an appreciative thread where ad enthusiasts can share the designs they come across which are a cut above the rest. We’ve combed through their collection of imaginative designs to pick out the very best for you and shared them in the gallery below. 

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#1 Turns Out I’m A Fan Of 19th Century Drainpipes Now…

Image source: dannydutch1

#2 Pencil Shavings Create Frilled Lizard

Image source: Klad_Steel, violetimpudence.tumblr.com

#3 This Tombstone For A Young Handicapped Boy

Image source: Junior-Resolve3692

#4 This Poster, Designed By Armando Milani For United Nations

Image source: 6packcorgi

#5 Staircase Designed By Leonardo Da Vinci, 1516

Image source: xTCHx

#6 Design For Watsky’s Three Most Recent Albums: Complaint, Placement And Intention

Image source: YdidUMove

#7 Rook Chess Set Design

Image source: rob5i

#8 Alzheimer Awareness Ad

Image source: Brone9

#9 Finally, A Whey Company That Gets It. No More Scoop Digging

Image source: pistolwhip66

#10 This Hearse That Someone Bought And Remade To Look Like Someone Is Trying To Get Out

Image source: Emergency_Repeat6714

#11 At The Airport

Image source: ayvittu69

#12 Cool Logo From Octopus Books

Image source: monroewonka

#13 This Barcode On A Ukrainian Cracker Pack

Image source: ThatKiwiBloke

#14 Adopt A Pet, There’s Always Room For More

Image source: Brone9

#15 This Record Player By Sony

Image source: LimpTriskit10

#16 IKEA Ads (2020?)

Image source: Brokeadults

#17 Safe Sex Ad

Image source: Brone9

#18 This Tissue Box

Image source: gdj11, twitter.com

#19 Shark Fin Ice Tray

Image source: Brone9

#20 This Hour Glass With The Traffic Lights

Image source: nonexisting–

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