20 Engineers That Executed Their Expert Skill With Great Talent

Published 11 months ago

We have seen many examples of unstable building structures that look like they’re about to be compromised at any moment. This makes us further appreciate the talent behind complicated engineering feats that blend beauty and functionality even further. 

The engineering and architectural skill that goes into making sure the building is sound as well as visually appealing is a particularly appreciable talent. One Reddit community dedicates itself to finding such infrastructure marvels that embrace aesthetics and balance brilliantly. Scroll below for an awe-inspiring collection of ‘soaring bridges that span great chasms to towering skyscrapers that pierce the sky’. 

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#1 A Cycle Path That Goes Through A Lake In Bokrijk, Belgium

Image source: Stotallytob3r

#2 Royal Gorge Bridge – Fremont County, Colorado

Image source: rockystl

#3 Bastei Walking Bridge – Germany – 1851

Image source: rockystl

#4 Gigantic Bridge In Germany, 158 Meter Tall, 1702 Meters Long

Image source: According_South_2500

#5 Banff Wildlife Crossing Project, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Combined With Fencing To Keep The Animals Off The Road.

The structures have reduced animal-vehicle collisions in the area by more than 80%

Image source: morganmonroe81

#6 The Falkirk Wheel, A Rotating Boat Lift In Scotland. It Replaces The Original 11 Locks On The Forth And Clyde Canal Junction With The Union Canal

Image source: Stotallytob3r

#7 The Canals Of London

Image source: Chipotle42

#8 Elevated Metro Line Integrated Into Park It Passes Over In Kolkata, India

Image source: Low-Newt-180

#9 3D Model Of Tokyo’s Subway System

Image source: minitrr

#10 Suspension Railway – Wuppertal, Germany

Image source: rockystl

#11 No One Does Train Stations Like China

Image source: reddit.com

#12 Heatherwick Rolling Bridge – Paddington Basin, London, England, UK

Image source: rockystl

#13 Peljesac Bridge, Croatia, Night Before The Opening Day

Image source: r_bubyy

#14 Due To The Destruction Of A Certain Russian Bridge, The Vasco De Gama Bridge In Lisbon, Portugal Is Now The Longest (Usable) Bridge In Europe

Image source: Tayo826

#15 A Novel High Voltage Electricity Pylon Called ‘Bog Fox, In Estonia By Part Architects

Image source: r_sole1

#16 Bharati Research Station Of India In Antarctica

Image source: Low-Newt-180

#17 This Is The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel. It Will Fill With Water To Protect Tokyo From Flooding. The Concrete Support Towers Are 18m Tall

Image source: ldoot

#18 Viaduct 13, Brazil. It Is The Tallest Viaduct In The Americas And The Second Tallest In The World. It Is 143 Meters High And Was Built In The 1970s

Image source: Rondic

#19 Dedicated Bus Lanes In The Middle Of The A40 Autobahn In Essen, Germany

Image source: catp2

#20 Worli-Bandra Sea Link, Mumbai, India

Image source: Acrobatic_Effect4907

#21 Millau Viaduct

Image source: _SP3CT3R

#22 Jacksonville, Florida Interchange

Image source: rockystl

#23 Storseisundet Bridge – Norway

Image source: rockystl

#24 Thought You Would Be Interested In This Skew Bridge In Scotland

Image source: ameowman

#25 Devil’s Bridge – Bulgaria

Image source: rockystl

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