We’ll Save You The Trouble, Do Not Cook These At Home, Buy It Instead (20 Pics)

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There are times when we have eaten something so delicious at a restaurant or at a bakery and thought, I can do this! I can make this at home for way cheaper, and have as much as I want of it without restriction. Then you go back to your kitchen and you find out that it’s much too expensive, or smelly or more time-consuming than you thought and totally not worth it.

In fact, it’s best to just go to the restaurant or café directly and pay for the item you want to consume rather than attempt recreating it. So, when a thread was posted asking folks to name a meal they had made at home only to realize that it was not worth the trouble, Redditors responded. These dishes are simple everyday delicacies that we love to enjoy, but take a lot of effort to recreate.

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Image source: ltlbunnyfufu, Anna Sullivan

Donuts ? ? it took hours and hours to make them and the glaze and toppings and then people walked through and they were gone in less than 2 min.


I cried so many times when I attempted croissants for the first time. I now live next to a bakery that makes fabulous laminated pastries. Why cause myself such distress ever again?

Image source: roseveins


Image source: Artym_X, Anthony Espinosa

Defo Sushi.

It’s labor intensive, easy to mess up, and you need too many pricey components to make a satisfying platter that it’s cheaper just to get from a proper sushi place.

Can be a fun time with friends, but it’s best left to the stocked up pros.


Image source: NovelsandDessert, Scott Eckersley

Eggs Benedict. Everything about it is fussy. And it turned out fine, but I’ll happily pay for it at a restaurant instead.


Image source: bikinikills, https://www.flickr.com/photos/187878392@N04/50839254793/

Beef Wellington.

Took all day, and it wasn’t even that nice.


Image source: femsci-nerd, Diego Lozano

Tonkotsu Ramen. I boiled pigs feet for 2 days to make the gelatinous broth, I even added the cream. I roasted the pork bell until crispy. I roasted corn on the grill. I made the soy sauce soft boiled eggs. I charred the greens. I bought real organic buckwheat ramen. Then I made a few bowls. I have mad respect for ramen shops and all the work that goes in to it. Pho is a walk in the park by comparison.


Image source: Shiola_Elkhart, commons.wikimedia.org

I’ve been living in Japan for 7 years and nobody in their right mind makes tonkotsu from scratch at home here. There are restaurants that specialize in ramen and ramen only for a reason.


Image source: Darwin343, Heather Barnes

Macarons. I like macarons but I don’t like them enough to go through the trouble of ever making them again. I hate how careful you have to be so that you don’t screw them up. Even making the slightest mistake could end in disaster.


Image source: PurpleWomat, LeCoquin Foods

Puff pastry.


Image source: theudoon, Wine Dharma

Breaded or deep fried stuff. It makes the entire apartment smell like oil, the entire process is messy (even with one hand for dry and one for wet), there are more dishes after and it’s just not worth the trouble to me.


Image source: Jerkrollatex, Atari, Gracinha & Marco

I will never clean whole squid and cook them every again. It’s a smelly messy nightmare.


Image source: Tarique_007, Yash Bhardwaj

Shawarma. Love the stuff. Can’t get enough of it. Looked up various recipes and tried to make different ones. And not a single one of them turned out as good as the stuff I can buy from the joint on the east side of town.


Image source: fredsdeadfromasled, Monika Grabkowska

Definitely dumplings, they tasted amazing but took me hours and hours to roll and fill them. Never again.


Image source: Kurisusnacks, Sanket Shah

Tikka Masala. If you take the time to toast all the numerous whole spices and grind them, you’ll find thay your time is better spent letting your local Indian restaurant make it better.


Mussels. Did it once, and the debearding and scraping off the barnacles was a ridiculous amount of work. Never again.

Image source: GrandVast


Image source: coolwool, Wesual Click

Bread. I’m from Germany and our bakeries are pretty good and not too expensive.
Baking a bread at home is so much work until it gets really good but even then, it is rarely better than bakery stuff.
It’s easy for me to bake better cake and cookies etc, but with bread, it doesn’t seem to be worth it.


Image source: Ok-Question-8446, Yoav Aziz

Homemade ravioli. Super tedious and most of them exploded while boiling. Totally worth having a pro make them for me.


Image source: umbertobongo, Krista

Vietnamese fish sauce chicken wings. Goddamn delicious but boiling fish sauce until it’s a syrup has major lasting effects on your house! I could still smell it 2 weeks later.


Image source: LaRoseDuRoi, Karl Baron

Gyros from scratch. I made the meat, the pitas, the tzatziki, made homemade french fries, and a caramelized rice pudding for dessert. It was delicious… but getting it at a dive is just as good.


Image source: boogiebreakfast, Mae Mu

Pierogi’s. Making that dough, getting it just fhe right thickness, cutting out dozens of little circles, making a filling, stuffing each little circle and then closing it up in such a way that it won’t pop back open…. No thanks. I live in Cleveland so there are plenty of Polish immigrants around that make them better than I could.


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