20 Times People Spotted Objects “Hiding In Plain Sight” And Shared On This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever lost something in your house and found out many hours later that it was hiding in plain sight? Things often get camouflaged with their surroundings and it’s quite a tough task to find something until you step on it abruptly. Sometimes, painfully!

However, if you like mind games, then the subreddit Find the Sniper” might entertain your puzzle-craving brain. People in this online group post images of perfectly camouflaged things and ask others to find them. We’ve collected some interesting ones for you in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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#1 Easy To Find But At A Glance Near Impossible

Image source: SkyeSpyder

#2 Find The Wheels

Image source: jsjdjdnkwokdkfj

#3 The Way My Chameleon Hides On My Military Backpack

Image source: Realhumanbeing3

#4 Find The Lizard

Image source: realizmbass

#5 Discover The Cat!

Image source: gladamirflint

#6 The Camouflage Of This Leopard

Image source: PaperNeutrino

#7 This Camouflage Is On Another Level

Image source: MrRossyy

#8 Find The Threatened Burrowing Owl

Image source: Firefly1307

#9 Find The Big Cat

Image source: NateArcher

#10 Find The Pug

Image source: ButNevertheless

#11 My Boss Sent This To Me Today. Find The Cat

Image source: esoralegna

#12 Find The Numbers

Image source: Jeepster412

#13 Find The Dice That I Dropped

Image source: ChanpionMan64

#14 Thought My Frog Escaped For A Good 20 Minutes This Morning. Not Too Difficult

Image source: frogmomma

#15 Find The Birb

Image source: LittleCala

#16 Something Hidden In The Rocks

Image source: brockleeham

#17 Nice Case!

Image source: makeitrain653

#18 Find The Husky

Image source: 1Hunterk

#19 4 Kitties In The Forest

Image source: thebadyearblimp

#20 Find The Owl

Image source: DeauxDeaux

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