25 Times People Spotted Objects Hiding In Plain Sight, Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 2 weeks ago

In the vast expanse of the internet, there exists a community that thrives on the thrill of the hunt—not for game or treasure, but for hidden objects. The r/FindTheSniper subreddit has captured the imaginations of thousands with its cleverly concealed images, inviting users to test their observational skills and join in the fun of spotting the unseen.

Let’s delve into the intriguing world of this popular online community and explore what makes it so captivating.

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#1 We Thought We Lost Our Baby Bearded Dragon

Image source: ewxve

#2 Dropped My Glasses Lens :((

Image source: zeedbraw

#3 Find The Owl

Image source: Majesticals69

#4 Find The Moth (Insanely Easy)

Image source: KekMio

#5 Find The Pitbull (Easy But Cute)

Image source: lysalynnn

#6 Find The Fox

Image source: MarlinsGuy

#7 Find The Corgi

Image source: Herrben

#8 Find The Snow Leopard Looking Directly At You

Image source: _GABBAR

#9 There Are Infact 2 Cats In This Pic

Image source: Constant_Cat1607

#10 Find The Cat

Image source: youngthecat

#11 Find The Predator (Snow Leopard)

Image source: Primary_Nearby

#12 Find The Forbidden Snack (Not Hard)

Image source: dumdumpants-head

#13 My Dad Said The Spare Key Must Have Fallen Into The Gravel??‍♀️

Image source: midnight_rider_1

#14 One Border Collie

Image source: nate353535

#15 Find The Cube In All The Spheres

Image source: BennyHanno

#16 My Daughter Dropped Her Duck

Image source: SkyNabb

#17 Find The Bobcat (Taken In My Backyard)

Image source: BigErnMcracken

#18 Find My Husband Credit Card That’s Been Lost For Weeks

Image source: Im_a_whore_4Plants

#19 Find The Cat

Image source: gammaknife1

#20 Dropped My Baby’s Pacifier

Image source: Pure-Caterpillar

#21 Find The Two Dogs In This Photo

Image source: maryapc

#22 Find My Wedding Ring

Image source: raedcabello

#23 Find The Kitty

Image source: badger420

#24 Find The Four Leaf Clover

Image source: vrecka

#25 Find The Climber

Image source: MediocreCrocheter

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