People Can’t Stop Laughing At These Police Officers That Left This Ticket On A Car Made Of Snow

Published 6 years ago

Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman… It could be a snow car. Yeah, you read that right, making a four-wheeled creation is probably just as fun as building a snowman, and it will definitely get you way more attention, some of which might be completely unexpected. Machinist and woodworker from Montreal, Simon Laprise, for example, didn’t expect for his cool creation to be more than just an innocent prank, yet it ended up going viral.

On one beautiful snow day, Laprise built a full-sized replica of a DeLorean DMC-12 (the car from Back to the Future) in order to trick the workers plowing the snow. To his surprise, the DeLorean was noticed not only by the workers but also by a couple of policemen, who pulled over after noticing that it was “parked” in a no-parking zone. They must have loved the joke, as they left a fake ticket on the car noting their appreciation.

Scroll down to see the cool car and the ticket with the chill message.

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One Canadian guy has recently had the joy of fooling the police

Image credits: Simon Laprise

The 33-year-old woodworker sculpted a full-sized replica of a DeLorean DMC-12 (the Back to the Future car) completely out of snow

Image credits: Simon Laprise

He said it was an innocent joke, aimed at the snow removal guys

Image credits: Simon Laprise

In parts of Canada, however, parking in a snow removal zone when plowing is scheduled is prohibited

Image credits: Maxim Tot

And it was so realistic, local cops pulled over to write a ticket for the ‘illegally parked’ vehicle

Image credits: Maxim Tot

Upon further inspection, however, they realized it was a snow sculpture

Image credits: Simon Laprise

And left this ticket on the fake car

Image credits: Simon Laprise

“You made our night!!!” – the police wrote on their ticket

Image credits: Simon Laprise


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