25 Times Cat Owners Crafted Purrfect DIY Projects For Their Felines

Published 3 weeks ago

The internet is a treasure trove of creativity and innovation, especially when it comes to our beloved feline friends. The‘Catification’ Facebook group is a prime example, where cat owners showcase their ingenious DIY projects designed to make their cats’ lives more comfortable and entertaining.

These DIY projects not only show the love and dedication cat owners have for their pets but also inspire others to create unique and functional spaces for their feline companions. If you’re looking to spoil your cat with some homemade love, the “Catification” Facebook group is the perfect place to start. Here are some of the most purrfect projects shared by proud cat parents.

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Image source: Sue Franks Lancaster

My granddaughter made this for her cats out of cardboard boxes(from Amazon)!


Image source: Cassandra White-Baroldi

Super excited to see this page come up in my suggestions! I make cat trees for a living! Lots of different styles and colours. I’ve also done a couple wall units, but your guys’ are way better lol I’ll stick with the trees.


Image source: Danielle Austin


Image source: Andrew Benedict

Installed a ‘Lord box’ over the PC..
Now I can use my keyboard feline free while simultaneously getting looked apon with reproach from above.


Image source: Amanda Meyer

The sunroom is coming together slowly but surely!


Image source: Tails of Hope

Our BEAUTIFUL Blind Girl taking an afternoon stroll on the CAT WHEEL


Image source: Xep Campbell

Easy like Sunday morning.


Image source: Janet Hammer Mitchell

I finally finished my cat wall.


Image source: Cheryl E. Johnson

So we have a stray that adopted us a few years back and it’s been hard to keep him inside, he’s just so happy being our “yard supervisor” that he stays inside at night but goes out during the day. My hubby wanted him to have a hangout spot outside so he installed a lookout for him in a very shaded tree. If you have an outdoor cat I highly recommend doing this our Brownie can manage the yard from a birds eye view! He’s a happy boy!


Image source: Sefton Mitchell

One of our kittens won the lottery with this Cat Dad. He built this cat tree from scratch and was wonderful enough to share every step of the way. It is absolutely stunning. I told him he needs to make and sell them! It is not completed yet. But it is too gorgeous to not share right now.


Image source: Stephanie Eeckhout

Our catio made with pallets


Image source: Madeline Smith

This is our kitty wall as-is, still planning how I want to extend it around the whole living room!


Image source: Amber Brimeyer

My cat tree in full bloom! Looks a little like an album cover.


Image source: Carrie Troxell

He’s not spoiled at all…. Thanks to my neighbors who gave me their daughter’s old playhouse, this boy is living large!!


Image source: Mariah Rippy

My favorite thing I’ve thrifted for my cats. They love it.


Image source: Amanda Jones

Our girl Blu loves her outside catio/treehouse and her inside cat wall.


Image source: Luke Mills

So it’s safe to say them all seem to like there new wall mounts


Image source: Nyah Corrine

Finally finished my cats first bedroom. Onto the next room.


Ravi lovin’ life on his catscape.


Image source: Jason Parker

Our latest cat wall installation.


Image source: Mindi Pierce

Cat bridge installed, access to dog free space granted.


Image source: Anne Schupack

Space saving idea. I painted a baby changing table, added foam padding and turned it into cat bunk beds. I use the bottom shelf to store cat toys.


Image source: Catio King


Image source: Rob Ducharme

I just installed this custom build for a client… They were going to repaint their door frames and moulding so they gave me the can of paint, allowing me to match their home perfectly. More yet to install, but this was the bulk of it!


Image source: Danijela Peric

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