25 Celeb Rumours That Were Leaked Before It Went Public

Published 5 months ago

Many people actively gossip because as bad as it may seem, it’s one way to stay updated and get the inside scoop on some drama unfolding. No matter how much we claim to abhor gossip, at some point or another, we all fall for the rumour mill to find out the latest deets on someone we like or even better, dislike. 

While we don’t want to engage in false gossip, what’s truly intriguing is when you get to hear a piece of knowledge about someone from a ‘reliable source’. Today we explore one Reddit thread where users were invited to share the most reliable information they knew before anyone else regarding celebrities and as usual folks did not disappoint.

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#1 Someone in Vegas on reddit once mentioned they worked at Planet Hollywood and said Britney Spears would order a lot of flowers to design bouquets to pass time because she wasn’t allowed to go out much and it seemed she was very lonely and isolated.

Image source: MHullRealtr77, wiki commons

#2 My friend and I got into an argument because I tried to tell her how horrible Ellen DeGeneres is but she wouldn’t believe me. I felt so vindicated when everything came out about her being a bully!

Image source: RaffyGiraffy, wiki commons


Image source: angrymurderhornet, wiki commons

Okay, here’s how I missed a good — and true — celebrity rumor in progress.

I was in New Orleans, volunteering at a college trivia competition. The whole tournament staff went out to dinner, drank hurricanes, and had a good time. After dinner a few of us headed into a bar, but at that point I was tired and really didn’t want to drink any more, so I immediately excused myself and went back to the hotel.

Next morning a couple of my fellow staffers told me I’d just missed, by a few minutes, Jude Law walking into the bar. I’m about as far from being a movie person as is humanly possible, but I did know who Jude Law was, so I just remarked that it must have been cool to see an actual film star in the bar, and thought no more of it ….

… until reading later that Jude Law had been photographed in a New Orleans bar with a woman not his fiancee. He was hooking up with his kids’ nanny, and of course for the next month it was on the front page of every tabloid rag in every supermarket on the planet.

So, yeah, I missed a good paparazzi moment. But I got a good night’s sleep, which IMO was a lot more enjoyable.

#4 Rumors that Rob Halford (Judas Priest’s lead singer) was gay were so commonplace for so many years that by the time he actually did come out in the late 90s, the reaction was pretty much “Well, *duh*. Tell us something we don’t know.” ?

Image source: Keefer1970, wiki commons

#5 I was at a White Stripes show on their last tour. After they played Seven Nation Army Jack said something to the effect of “that’s the last time we’re playing that”. A week later they announced they were done.

Image source: mantistoboggan287, wiki commons

#6 I worked at The Biltmore Hotel in LA in the mid 80s, and was a butler for Robert Englund of “Nighmare on Elm Street”. I knew before just about everyone else that he was actually a really nice person.

Image source: PoxyMusic, wiki commons

#7 A nice one: Neil Gaiman writing for Doctor Who. Was told in person by someone who is a friend of both Neil and Steven Moffat, so I knew it was true, but it wasn’t confirmed for weeks.

Image source: bopeepsheep, wiki commonc

#8 Around 2010 my friend, a massage therapist, had a guest staying in his hotel who creeped him out so much that he refused to service him again after the second day, even though the guy was leaving a 300€ tip each session. When he told his manager he didn’t want to work for this guest anymore, the manager was baffled and told him it was a celebrity staying for our hometown Film Festival. It was Kevin Spacey.

Image source: Four_beastlings, wiki commons

#9 I remember jokes about R. Kelly peeing on kids way back in the ‘90s, but for some reason everyone was shocked and disgusted when the blockbuster docuseries (or whatever) came out in 2016 or so.

Image source: redheadedjapanese, u/rohitdhanorkar

#10 8 years ago, I was scouted as a pastry cook for Esca – one of Mario Batali’s restaurants – and a friend warned me that he was a sexual harasser and liked to grope female employees if alone with them. The scandal broke a year later.

Image source: gunbather, Mario Batali

#11 A friend of mine told me this story when he used to work at a film studio and one of the guys he worked with was closely related to Mel Gibson. One time Gibson ended up hanging out with them – drinking, smoking, shooting the s**t. Gibson told them that he hated Harvey Weinstein, then said was a scumbag and had a weird f****d up mushroom penis. He also said he was a “really weird gross creep with women” and said something else to imply what we all know to be true now, but stopped short of outright calling him a serial [predator]. He also said everyone in Hollywood knew about it. That was 2013-2014 or so.

Image source: Funkles_tiltskin, https://www.flickr.com/photos/shankbone/5668312491/

#12 I posted this a month ago in response to a similar question:

Image source: Hot_Aside_4637, wiki commons

When I was in High School in the 70s, in English class, we were having a discussion on what Hollywood stars were hot (not sure how that conversation started). Anyway, one of the students asked our teacher Miss W. if she thought Rock Hudson was hot. She said, “Yes, but he’s gay”. Everyone was shocked and asked how she knew. “I have a lot of gay friends and they always talk about who in Hollywood is gay and they tell me he’s gay”.

What’s amazing is this was pre-internet. We were in the Midwest in a small town. The only gay people we knew at the time were the Village People and perhaps Paul Lynne. (The fact that our teacher had gay friends was a shocker) At the time, my best friend was gay and in the closet (even to me). How this tidbit travelled is pretty remarkable.

#13 I went to college with a kid from Long Island who grew up around Lindsay lohan… He said her family was completely insane and that she’d probably go insane too. Kind of happened although she corrected course before it got real bad. He also said the dad used to f**k every woman in town and use his daughters clout to carouse with the women.

Image source: Acceptable_Meal_5610, wiki commons

#14 This was a while ago but I knew that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s marriage was in trouble years before they filed for divorce. A friend of my mother’s works at Teterboro, which is the small airport near NYC that handles small/private planes, so lots of celebrities fly in and out of there. (He’s seen plenty of stuff but this is the only story I know.) Right when he opened the door to the plane onto the tarmac, he saw JLo recoiling from a slap across the face and and Marc yelling, “THERE WILL BE NO DIVORCE!” ?

Image source: pearsliced, @newsus24

#15 Jimmy Fallon’s alcoholism and just overall sh*ttiness. But it’s less that I had this private information and more just anyone who’s worked in 30 rock in the past 20 years knows this as an open secret

Image source: littlebigcheesefries, wiki commons

#16 Saw Bruce Willis condition in 2015 working on a movie with him. They knew then already. He had giant cue cards for every scene and still blew it often. Very Sad.

Image source: Curleysound, wiki commons

#17 I know someone who worked in Hollywood decades ago. He *detested* Bill Cosby. Like the Jell-o dude was like the worst person on earth or something.

Image source: I_AM_NOT_A_WOMBAT, wiki commons

#18 I have a friend who is in a moderately successful punk band and tours small venues around the country. A few years ago, he was in Austin and posted on Facebook something like “I think I just saw a drunk Shia Labeouf in a bar yelling “DO IT” at people”. A few hours later, I started seeing headlines that read “Shia Labeouf arrested at a bar in Austin”.

Image source: TK-710, MotivaShian

#19 Bruce Springsteen married model/actress Julianne Phillips in 1985. At his Tunnel of Love tour in 1987 he sang “Tougher Than the Rest“ with his backup singer Patti Scialfa in a duet that was super hot. The chemistry was unmistakable and I knew instinctively that his marriage was over. No surprise at all when the two of them were photographed on a hotel balcony in Italy months later with Bruce in his underwear.

Image source: OPMom21

#20 A guy I knew was on tour as a roadie for Whitney Houston, and he reported that she was on [substances] YEARS before it was common knowledge. No one could believe it; she had such a squeaky clean reputation!

Image source: Travelgrrl

#21 Went to high school in Latin America from 98-02; there were rumors of Ricky Martin being gay long before he came out in 2010. For the record, I’m happy that he’s able to live his truth openly now.

Image source: StarktheGuat, wiki commons

#22 This was waaayyy before ‘the internet’ social media, and Twitter.

Image source: beigereige, hellotefi

When I was in college a friend of mine that knew someone that knew someone that knew someone floored us with tales that Bobby Brown was dating Whitney Houston.

At the time Whitney was America’s Princess and Bobby Brown was the rough Bad Boy.

“Not a chance that Whitney would allow herself to be in the same ROOM with that Bobby Brown…”

Not a single soul believed him and laughed him off campus.

And then…

#23 I worked in Hollywood in VFX from 2009-2016. EVERYONE knew that both Will and Jada were horndogs in an open marriage. Everyone I worked with thought it was hilarious when the “Jada had an affair” thing happened, with Will’s crocodile tears broadcast to the world.

Image source: IWasSayingBoourner

#24 Growing and being a recruit for football the Jerry Sandusky stuff at Penn State was pretty known . My host for the weekend I went there made it clear “ you don’t hang out with Jerry!”

Image source: MainShow23, u/[deleted]

#25 I was aware Carrie Fisher had likely passed before the plane she passed on had taxied in to the gate at LAX. Aviation is a small world.

Image source: MaverickTTT

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