25 People Reveal The True Nature Of Celebrities Before Fame

Published 1 year ago

We are more and more aware that, famous people were just ordinary folks doing ordinary things before they became celebrities. So what were they like pre-stardom? Nice, kind and caring or rude, arrogant and entitled?

It can generally be hard to ascertain what someone is like from a distance, however, there are several past personal interactions that have recently come to light that reveal a lot. Many people have stepped forward to regale us with their own experiences dealing with celebrities either in school or after and giving us further insight into the lives and personalities of the rich and famous in tell-all exposé style.

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Image source: WestTadpole

My mom went to school with Marilyn Manson. Apparently, in middle school, he went around with a lunchbox of doll heads and his dad affectionately referred to him as Lucifer and the Antichrist.


Image source: razorbladedesserts

My mother grew up with Courtney Cox. She was a massive b**ch. The stories are horrible. She’s from Mountain Brook, Alabama.. an incredibly wealthy suburb of Birmingham. (Same town as Natalee Holloway that disappeared in Aruba.)


Image source: fish_the_fred

My grandmother had a milkshake with Elvis Presley. She loved him and the day he died she kicked my father out of the house because he was being a brat. Around Christmas time she would always get so sad when “Blue Christmas” played on the radio.


Image source: BoshasaurusChris

Went to primary school with Hugh Jackman, total class act and always had the makings of someone who would be successful.


Kelly Clarkson’s family and a section of mine were really close before she got famous. I was originally introduced to her as another of my cousins (i have, and know, over 70 first and second cousins, my family reunions are massive). She was pretty cool when we were kids. Shes a couple years older than me but was always really nice, down to earth, and big on church group stuff. My family has old videos of me and her singing together and of her singing for my aunt and uncles wedding, all from before american idol. (No, i couldnt sing worth crap then or now, but her love of music was contagious)

Image source: damndingashrubbery


Image source: jonnysumthing

I was in the first Harry Potter film as Dan Radcliffe’s body double. So…all the characters had already been announced and were newly famous.

Gets my back up now when people say that this person or that person “seemed like a d**k”.

Genuinely all really nice kids (hopefully still are as adults). Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) wrestled a little bit with the idea of forever being known as a villain…funny because he was the coolest guy there and got me into Limp Bizkit! We all used to play THPS2 in his dressing room, he would always win.

So yeah…all really nice people.


Went to HS with Kesha. She was in marching band, and was mostly quiet.

Image source: anon


Image source: Iximaz

Not me, a classmate’s son my age went to school with Tom Holland. Apparently he’s super sweet and goofy, little scatterbrained and forgetful.


Image source: cwistopherr69

My brother went to high school with Taylor Swift. She was actually super mean to people and got booed off the stage at her junior year talent show.


Went to Jr High and High School with Taylor Lautner. Played football together my Freshmen year.

Dude was really nice, and a bit awkward. This was before the whole twilight thing, and he was most famous for Sharkboy and Lavagirl. He seemed pretty much what you expect a theater kid to be like. But really nice dude over all, pretty quiet, played pokemon leaf green together a few times.

Image source: That_Smell_You_Know


Image source: jamesjabc13

I went to high school with Margot Robbie. We were pretty good friends but I haven’t spoken to her in years. She was absolutely lovely. No one had a bad word to say about her, and she is very intelligent.


Image source: dinggerdawg

Went to school with Khalid, he was one of those kids that always pretended to be stoned but never smoked, he acted very flamboyant and used that to always be around girls, never made a move on them though, strange fellow.


I had a friend who went to church with Ken Jeong. Apparently he comes back to his hometown regularly to see his parents and such. Was told he was a real nice guy and the only thing that changed after the fame was people haranguing him.

Image source: realdeerthing


Image source: TheUglyBarnaclee

I’m cousins with Cardi B and have known her since we were kids. She’s honestly been the same person, kept to herself and is crazy and funny when she’s comfortable. We still see each other at family parties regularly so it’s nice.


My mam was in the same high school as Gerard Butler. I believe there is 3 years between them, but they also lived on the same street briefly. They both attended the University of Glasgow too, although my mam moved to London with my auntie to another university where my mam got a degree in law. I don’t know why they moved, especially as the University of Glasgow is a Law School I believe.

She always has said he was lovely, cared for a lot of people and was just nice all the time, she’s always went to the cinema in the opening week to see his films. That being said, she was pretty much devastated when Butler’s house was destroyed in the fires in California a couple years back.

Image source: ofwgktaQ


I went to school with Terry Crews for a couple years. Nice kid and a great artist. He and one other kid used to have drawing competitions before class started. Somebody would yell out a comic book character and he and the other kid (also a great artist) would both draw. I can’t remember who was better because it was a lifetime ago.

He punched me in the chest once at an assembly and totally winded me. I was being a d**k, so I had it coming.

Image source: crackervoodoo


Image source: swingkatd

Was a freshman when Chris Pratt was a senior. We didn’t interact much, but he was in a lot of the assemblies and I did tech theater for a play he was in.

He was a goofball. Lots of charisma, laid back, class clown. Bout what you’d expect seeing him now.


Image source: paddyplaistow

My Aunt and Uncle lived next door to Patrick Stewart. He had a terrible childhood. His dad was traumatised during the War like so many were. He changed so much it became untenable and his mum used to send him to relatives to keep him safe. Very sad . He is a lovely man and he keeps in touch with friends he made many years ago.


Image source: jcarlhays

I didn’t go to high school with him by my girlfriend’s grandparents used to rent movies from a local blockbuster and this gentleman always suggested some strange movies to them. They said he was really nice but had a weird name. Turns out it was Quentin Tarantino. They watched one of his movies after he got big and they said “Well that explains a lot of the movie suggestions he gave us.”


Image source: need-chicky-nuggs

My mom went on a few dates with Nicholas Cage! I’m not sure exactly what year it was but my mom was a professional ballet dancer in New York. Nic Cage’s dad owned the ballet company my mom danced for. So apparently Nic Cage saw my mom and thought she was cute so they went on a few dates. I asked my mom what he was like and she thought for a second and then said “weird”.


Obligatory not me, but my mom went to high school with Dave Grohl, knew him pretty casually. Said he was a total stoner, VP of the class, and would play music over the loudspeakers on occasion and was really good. Super nice, super laid back guy, really humble about how talented he was/is.

Image source: itssusanity


Image source: ScottishGigolo

My old neighbor grew up with John Mayer and was really close with him. While I never got to meet him, my roommate did on a few occasions. Apparently Mayer was fairly laid back and just wanted to hang out.

The thing that really sticks with me is when my neighbor’s wife took her own life Mayer let my neighbor move into his house for several months. It was sad, but said neighbor couldn’t stand being in his own home anymore knowing his wife lived her last moments there. From what I understand she intentionally OD’d on medication while he was home and came to him saying “I don’t feel well” and then collapsed.


Image source: Ryankw777

Post Malone and I graduated from high school together! I even have a picture from when our art class recreated the Last Supper with McDonald’s for someone’s art project. He posed as Jesus and I was basically Judas. We weren’t friends, but he was always friendly when we did speak. He had a very chill demeanor and always cracked jokes in our history class. I liked the dude!


Image source: arcanceel

I went to middle school with Drake. He was a year older with my older bro and He cried one time in the boys gym change room bc another boy had some designer sweater or something and he didn’t lol…..I don’t remember him being awful or anything just a little whiney…….I actually got invited to his house last summer and met him and told him we went to middle school together etc. and he was really nice.

mrdannyg21 added:

He went to my high school, though in different grades so I didn’t know him. He was already famous from Degrassi High, and he was hilariously pompous. This school had quite a few rich families, and the rich kids loved him of course.

I mean, he was a very rich kid named Aubrey, living in a rich white/Jewish area. His ‘started from the bottom’ stuff in songs and ‘street’ accent is hilariously fake.


Not me, but a good friend of mine was classmates with Anna Kendrick. They weren’t close friends but they hung out a few times and had a bunch of classes together. Apparently she was super shy, not the type of person to demand attention or anything. She’s kind of amazed that Anna went on to be a celebrity just because she seemed too timid to want to do that. She said she was always really nice though, the type of person who got along with everyone.

Image source: anon

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