Woman Learns Why Clothes Always Look Better On Celebrities And Shares Her Knowledge

Published 4 years ago

It seems like no matter what clothes celebrities wear – suits, dresses and even swimming trunks – they always appear to fit perfectly. But when you try to rock a similar outfit yourself, most of the time it ends up looking a little off and you can’t quite put your finger on why. You’ve got the same jacket on, the same pair of jeans, the same shirt but still don’t look like Ryan Gosling in that one photo – what gives? You might even start questioning your body shape. Well, turns out it’s not your fault after all. After consulting a stylist, one woman found out that all of your favorite celebrities are getting their clothes altered to fit and this realization might surprise you.

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Image credits: fronx (not the actual photo)

One Tumblr user was shocked after finding out celebrities are getting all of their clothes tailored

Image credits: inkdot

All of this might sound a bit shocking but that’s what you have to do to achieve the looks you’re after. You don’t have to buy three different pairs of shirts and hope that one fits. Instead, opt for a higher quality product and have it altered. Same goes for thrift shopping – found a nice top or pair of jeans that are just a tad too big? Off to the tailor you go! Make it a habit and soon enough you’ll end up looking like a million bucks.

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