25 Celebrities That Actually Have A Hidden Talent

Published 6 years ago

You’ve seen these people all over television and social media, their talent is praised all the time by everyone and yet they still manage to keep some secrets from us. In this case, an ability to paint. Did you know that Michael Jackson, Jim Carrey or Johnny Depp are really talented painters?

Well, there is a possibility you’ve seen some of these works but you’ve never realized it is painted by somebody famous since some of them have been working under the pseudonym. For example, Lucy Liu started showing her work under the pseudonym Yu Ling in 1993. Well, now you have an opportunity to see what these celebrities are truly capable of!

Scroll down and see works of such celebrities as Bob Dylan, David Bowie or Macaulay Culkin.


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#1 Michael Jackson

Image source: michaeljacksonart

#2 Jim Carrey

Image source: artnet

#3 Marilyn Manson

Image source: marilynmansonimages

#4 Anthony Hopkins

Image source: anthonyhopkins

#5 Johnny Depp

Image source: deppimpact

#6 Tony Bennett

Image source: tonybennett

#7 Ronnie Wood

Image source: ronniewood

#8 David Bowie

Image source: veryprivategallery

#9 Bob Dylan

Image source: bobdylanart

#10 Pierce Brosnan

Image source: piercebrosnan

#11 Paul Simonon

Image source: paulsimonon

#12 Lucy Liu

Image source: lucyliu

#13 Prince Charles

Image source: princeofwales

#14 James Franco

Image source: treasongallery

#15 Marilyn Monroe

#16 George W. Bush

Image source: bushcenter

#17 Frank Sinatra

Image source: deansandfranks

#18 Steven Tyler

Image source: mouchegallery

#19 Paul McCartney

Image source: Ruth Ward

#20 Macaulay Culkin

#21 Paul Stanley

Image source: paulstanley

#22 Sylvester Stallone

Image source: officialslystallone

#23 John Lennon

Image source: johnlennonartworks

#24 Johnny Cash

Image source: johnnycashstore

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