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20 Childhood Photos Of Well-Known Celebs

Published 1 month ago

We may often forget that our fave celebs were once upon a time just ordinary mischievous kids. However, if you’ve ever wondered what the world-famous faces of Freddie Mercury or Jennifer Aniston looked like as kids, then you’re in the right place. We’ve shared a collection of adorable baby and childhood photos found of legendary celebs from before all their talented accomplishments catapulted them to stardom and fame. 

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#1 Robert Downey Jr

Image source: Robert Downey Jr

#2 Chloë Grace Moretz

Image source: chloegmoretz

#3 Miley Cyrus

Image source: Miley Cyrus

#4 Ryan Reynolds

Image source: vancityreynolds

#5 Gal Gadot

Image source: gal_gadot

#6 Harry Styles

Image source: hshq

#7 Mandy Moore

Image source: mandymooremm

#8 Freddie Mercury

Image source: freddiemercury

#9 Zendaya

Image source: zendaya

#10 Courteney Cox

Image source: courteneycoxofficial

#11 Jennifer Aniston

Image source: jenniferaniston

#12 Bruno Mars

Image source: brunomars

#13 Tom Felton

Image source: t22felton

#14 Nicole Kidman

Image source: nicolekidman

#15 Cindy Crawford

Image source: cindycrawford

#16 Justin Timberlake

Image source: justintimberlake

#17 Cara Delevingne

Image source: caradelevingne

#18 Selena Gomez

Image source: selenagomez

#19 Bella And Gigi Hadid

Image source: bellahadid

#20 Will Smith

Image source:

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