50+ Of The Most Hilarious Childhood Photos People Probably Wish Were Never Taken

Published 6 years ago

It’s impossible to go through your childhood and teenage years without having an embarrassing picture or two. But these pictures just take the embarrassment to the next level. Check out this list that Bored Panda has compiled of the best throwback photographs, and it’s the perfect balance between being cringy and hilarious.

So let’s go down the memory lane with these incredible pictures!


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#1 My Parents Weren’t Surprised When I Came Out

Image source: BoxBopChallenge

#2 Glamour Shot Blunder (7 Years Old)

Image source: denovosibi

#3 For My 2nd Grade Photo I Vouched For The Satan’s-Child-Lawyer Look

Image source: 17UglyBoobies

#4 In 5th Grade I Was Worried I Would Blink And Mess Up My Year Book Photo

Image source: wholebunchofbees

#5 That Time In The Early 90s When I Was 12 Going On 54

Image source: sparkleplentylikegma

#6 My Legs And Feet Hit Puberty Before The Rest Of Me

Image source: iamthedevilfrank

#7 My Mum Advised Me Not To Leave The House Like This, Didn’t Listen. That Hair!

Image source: chunky_rolls

#8 Just A Girl On A Spring Communist Demonstration In Lviv, Ukraine, 1968

Image source: xerurg

#9 I Swear It’s Not Square Anymore…

Image source: drshavako

#10 When You Look Over 40 But You’re Actually 12

Image source: ThatSquareChick

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