12 Bodyguards Open Up About The Best And Worst Celebs They Had To Protect

Published 10 months ago

Celebrity life is lauded as a dazzling experience that can go to anyone’s head. Indeed, fame and money can change most people. Being exposed to throngs of adoring fans day after day can have an effect on even the most humble down-to-earth person we imagine. But what is it actually like to work with one of these famous people on a close one-on-one basis?

One Redditor u/seemeatthezoo wondered the same and posed a question online asking celebrity bodyguards specifically, to openly and honestly relate their experiences. Scroll below to find out which famous people are nasty and distasteful in person and which celebs are sweet and kind despite the heady perfume of fame and fortune. 

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Image source: asaph23, eminem

I was a bodyguard for Eminem from spring 2000 (right before *The Marshall Mathers LP* was released) up until about fall of 2004 (right around when *Encore* was released).

I can write a book about it. You never would have guessed Eminem was a celebrity. He was exceedingly humble, somewhat awkward and rarely a d**k to people. He treated all of his staff, ranging from sound engineers to those who prepared food at the studio, very kindly and well. He never used his celebrity status to bully or throw contempt towards others, and actually shied away from it. Eminem’s younger half-brother Nate, though, was a different story and used his relationship with Eminem to get him passes everywhere and into a different girl’s pants every night.

Also, Eminem was a serious fan of pistols (always carrying one on him, even after his arrests :O) and was, at certain times, quite a heavy prescription drug user. You fans were the biggest issue. Eminem could barely go anywhere and concerts, tours and any public appearances (especially around late 2002 when both *The Eminem Show* and the film *8 Mile* were totally dominating popular culture) were the most chaotic experiences I have ever had.

I do want to say, it is extremely important to never judge celebrities or make assumptions about them or what they do because they totally can (and many totally do) lose their minds with the exorbitant amount of fame and excess they are exposed to.


Image source: anon, Keith Allison

My most humorous bodyguard job was for Shaq. He came into my club and I was assigned to him. I was 6’5, 230 lbs at the time, and he dwarfed me. It was just funny that he made me look like a child, but it was my job to “protect” him. Nothing crazy happened, I just had to keep people from trying to walk up and take pictures/harass him all night.

The worst person was Chris Brown for obvious reasons.


Image source: shoei310, Lorie Shaull

Not supposed to really dwell into it but a few that really stood out good and bad. Also should point out not a body guard but do different “work” for these individuals.

The one celeb that breaks all my female friends hearts when I have t tell the her true demeanor is;

Gwen Steffani. Seriously, three different occasions and I would rather roll around in a bed of broken syringes used my crack whores than deal with her ever again. Flip side is Gavin Rossdale is the chilliest most humble laid back guy ever.

Most surprising were the Beckhams, both of them. Again, most polite down to earth, good caring people. I could never talk smack about Posh Spice ever again or make fun of David


Image source: SayAllenthing, Gage Skidmore

**John Cena**

When I was younger I worked security, I had to escort John Cena somewhere, I was told not to let any fans near him. A fan saw him, and asked for an autograph which caused more fans to see him, he said it was fine to let them near him and signed an autograph for every single fan.

He apologized for making me wait and gave me a Snickers chocolate bar when we got to his dressing room.

This was when he was new on the scene and not very popular, I will always remember that about him. When people say he’s a nice guy, they are not exaggerating.


Image source: Matix365, cesarsway

Did private security for cesar milan (dog whisperer) super hard working down to earth guy. Was always the first one at the ranch working and last one to leave, his gf at the time was also very nice and fun to talk too!


Image source: GolfFan, ludacris

I worked at a concert venue while in college and had to guard the dressing room and escort the acts to the stage. Never had a bad experience.

Top 2 stories:

1) Ludacris smoked out his entire room and the only time I have ever been high was from the contact high from standing next to the door.

2) Guy in gym shorts and a t-shirt comes walking in the restricted area. I ask him for his pass and he says that he doesn’t have it with him. Told him that he couldn’t be there and that if he didn’t leave I would have to escort him from the building. Turns out the guy was Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn. After he was all dressed and waiting to go on, he made a point to come up to me and apologize for not having his credentials with him. I told him that I didn’t recognize him without his hat. Really nice guy.


Image source: Randy101, Super Festivals

I had the pleasure of guarding Peter Cullen at a convention, for the uninitiated Peter Cullen is the voice of Optimus Prime and Eeyore.When I arrived on site, I had no idea who I was guarding or about the convention. I walked in and I realised I was with my people, after I found out I was guarding Peter Cullen I was hyped up

He was one the nicest guy I have ever met, he really cared about the fans. People would tell him stories about the impact he had on them as Optimus and Eeyore, and he took it to heart and gave out hugs when he saw that they needed it. He looked over the gifts that he received and actually appreciated them.While in the back room, he asked for milk and Swiss Chalet, he really loved Swiss Chalet. The thing that caught me off guard was the fact he didn’t like swearing. He was constantly making jokes while in the back and asked me to sit inside the green room and take a break. I ended up staying an extra hour at the convention just to hear him speak about his experiences and answer fan questions.

TLDR: Got paid to hang out with Peter Cullen( Optimus Prime & Eeyore).


Image source: CherrySlurpee, dan13marino

Former security guard, worked some high profile stuff.

Coolest: Dan Marino, hands down. We had a super bowl party where every NFL star ever showed up for a formal dinner. Marino found out that we had been instructed not to speak to the talent unless spoken to, and stayed behind to sign autographs for as many people as he could find. He’d sign a football then make you “go out for a pass” and he’d throw it to you. Smartest move ever – gets rid of the obsessive fans.


Image source: reaverdude, tonyrobbins

Worst: Tony Robbins. Guy was an absolute tool. Never mind the fact that he made all his wealth by taking advantage of gullible people and his behavior just adds to his douchiness. He demanded that his hotel room be a certain temperature at all times and when it was a couple of degrees off he lost his s**t and started yelling at the hotel staff.

I had to escort him up to his room after one of his seminars and his “staff” (groupies and hanger-ons) stated that I had to be 20 feet away at all times or I would be disturbing his “aura”. How the hell am I supposed to protect him if I have to stand that far away? He also had this weird machine contraption that looked like a mix between an enema machine and a giant dildo. I had no idea what the hell it was for and I didn’t ask. Weird dude overall.

Best: Snoop Dogg or “Snoop Lion” now. He was totally chill. Asked that I put the Steelers game on for him and gave me a wad of cash to pay for a bunch of Playstation 2’s to bring up to his room since him and his entourage were going to have a major Madden tournament in the evening. Also instructed me to only allow children near him and no adults since he only signs autographs for little kids. Actually a very well spoken and respectful individual considering what he’s known for in his career.


Image source: ShitsInPringlesCans, Dr. Macro

I was a bodyguard for Fay Wray during a silent film festival in San Francisco. She was incredible. Sweet, elegant, all that stuff.

It was quite interesting being threatened by a throng of gay men when I wouldn’t let them get near her (on her orders). Had to get a little physical with one of them (no, not **that** way).

10/10 would bodyguard again – if she were still alive.


Image source: anon, Nathaniel Muth

I did security for the MTV beach house in summer of 02.. From another post..

Ja rule was a d**k. Rolling on E, kicked a PA down the stairs of the MTV beach house in seaside heights because he wanted more bottled water.
Carson Daly- genuinely a nice guy. He would always be playing in the beach sand with his daughter. Once some girl came running over, past the security gate and accosted him, nearly stepping on his daughter who was at his feet. He told her off and she seemed really surprised. I was part of the security detail for the beach house so I told her exactly why she was an a*****e
Snoop Dogg- genuinely cool. Came in with Don Magic Juan. It was during his “pimp” phase. Chatted with all the staff, his security guys, enormous hulk like monsters of men, kept asking us how easy it was to reel in tail working for MTV.
Michelle Rogriguez- she came to the house with the other girls from “blue crush”. Some of her ghetto a*s friends from North Jersey snuck onto the set with super soakers. They ended up nearly destroying a 100k camera in the process.
Also met David Arquette last year at Reggae On The River. He took some pictures with us, served some beer, then decided to climb on top of the empty kegs. I yelled at him to get down because the pyramid of empty kegs was NOT sturdy.
Also, Vinnie Stigma, one of the fathers of New York Hardcore was cool as s**t. I grew up listening to agnostic front, I was at NYHC tattoos getting tattoo’d by Lars of Rancid (another damn fine fellow) and he entertained my girlfriend by telling stories of fighting skinheads on the jersey shore in the 80’s.


Image source: SulliedVoice, Caroline Bonarde Ucci

When a certain Die Hard star was filming in our city, with his demi-star wife they stayed at the hotel where I worked. The armed guards (plural) stood at the door to their suite until the end of their shift at which time they came down to have a drink at the bar across the street where the hotel employees all ‘refreshed’ after work. They were very entertaining, generous guys that knew what they did was silly but they managed to stay respectful of their “boss” while laughing about the fact that a turkey sandwich from room service was the biggest threat they had ever faced.

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