People Online Are Confessing Things They’d Never Be Able To Tell Close Friends Or Family (20 Confessions)

Published 3 years ago

Sometimes people are not able to share secrets with their close ones either in the fear of hurting them or because they are embarrassed to admit something they did. However, bottling things up can lead to other problems, and sharing your secrets with a therapist or a complete stranger can help you unburden your mind. I believe that sharing secrets make people realize that they are not alone and that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes, most of us go through bouts of loneliness and depressing thoughts and there is nothing to be ashamed about them. In fact, sharing them can actually make people feel better.

SillyGuy, a Reddit user, asked a question “What do you want to confess that no one in your real-life knows?” and lots of people started pouring their hearts out, soon this confession thread went viral as it was joined by around 18k people in the conversation. Scroll below to read some confessions that were made in the thread, and join this conversation if you wish to get something off your chest.

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Image source: tubemode4

“I dropped three courses not because I was failing academically, but because I was very close to killing myself.”


Image source: pastalex42

“Every day I hate the life I’m living a little bit more. I can retrace my steps and see all the choices that would have gotten me to where I wish I was too, but I feel so trapped now. I feel so unwanted and out of place all the time.”


Image source: Johndoe448

“My giant sexy engagement ring is a created diamond. You (my dear coworkers) all love it to death and go on about how amazing it is because you think my fiance dropped $10,000 on it. It cost $50 on Ebay and I love it because it’s SCIENCE and not DeBeers.”


Image source: tato64

“Only my girl knows this, I was thinking of killing myself when I came back from working abroad, I was about to do it on a friday, but a friend told me “Hey you wanna come hang out saturday night? just chilling here at home” I decided to go.

It was actually a surprise welcome party for me, all my friends were there, it was an amazing night. None of them know, but they saved my life, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that.”


Image source: n_eats_n

“I have eaten food quantities that were listed as “family-sized” in a single sitting, many times.”


Image source: Jackielegs93

“I’m 28 years old and still struggle reading analog clocks.”


Image source: WholeLottaHooplaaa

“I just started drinking again. I would have been 2 years sober in January.”


Image source: TonyDanzer

“Compassion fatigue is slowly killing me. I’m so tired. I love my friends and family deeply, but I need a break from being the shoulder to cry on for a while.”


Image source: Yanahlua

“I have terminal cancer and am tired of the side effects of the treatments and the pain the cancer is causing. I really want to just die and get it over with but my wife and two daughters would be devastated if I stopped fighting.”


Image source: beatenseagull

“I cried over bell peppers today. I always made my dad stuffed orange bell peppers on Halloween. I would cut the little jack o lantern faces out and everything. He’s been dead for three years but today for a second in the grocery store I thought oh that’s right I need orange bell peppers.”


Image source: MBeebeCIII

“I’ve always told everyone my mom died of cancer. She committed suicide. Footnote: So did my son.”


Image source: Knb_trash_prince

“How lost and hurt I really am. It’s easier to hide it all and pretend everything is getting better.”


Image source: Jermine1269

“I’m fully vaxxed as at 3 days ago. Only my wife knows. My entire family and coworkers are all SUPER ANTIVAXX. I’m a closet vaxxer.”


Image source: No_Manufacturer_1900

“I don’t think I want kids because I’m too much like my father. I can end the bloodline with me.”


Image source: aToastySack

“I’ve become really detached from life ever since my mom passed.”


Image source: False-Memory-8109

“I did a two hour online test for college and we had to stay on camera for the whole two hours until everyone was done.

The problem was I s**t myself half an hour into the test and sat in my own s**t not allowed to move and if I did move everyone would see I s**t myself. So I waited until everyone was done and got marks done and could turn off the cameras. I got 100% in the test.”


Image source: FlossMan18

“I only wear a tie and jacket when I’ve been feeling really upset and fed up with life. That way I have at least one thing to brighten my day. I have been dressing up everyday for more than two weeks now…”


Image source: WVFarm89

“I’ve tried so hard to not be my mom and not be like her that I started doing things she did, and lying to myself and everyone around me, just like she does. One year of therapy down, and I’m trying really hard to put a stop to my bad patterns.”


Image source: Crumbly_Parrot

“I haven’t done a single assignment this semester, I haven’t even gone to class. I don’t know why I’m doing this.”


Image source: Mini-Heart-Attack

“I’ve been passively suicidal For 7+ years now and most days I wish I had a completely different life, because I don’t want to live mine anymore. I just feel like I’m suppose to have died 7 years ago. I tear up a lot when I’m thinking about it too long. I love a lot of my life. But I can’t imagine wanting to live it.”

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