People Online Share The Most Saddening Thing They Ever Heard (20 Entries)

Published 2 years ago

In life, there are a lot of surprises. Some of them are parties, good news, and something worth celebrating. Though life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, there are rain and storms as well.

In an Ask Reddit post, Redditor Embarrassed-Host-949 asked the serious question, “What was the most soul-crushing thing someone told you or you heard?” People flocked to share their moments that will hit anyone right in the feels. We compiled 20 of the saddest and depressing of these stories, so you better have your tissues ready!

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Image source: Ok-Ant4889, Yvonne Pay

“Vleir is dead.”

Vleir was the name of the pony who basically started my entire horse back riding experience, he gave me confidence like never before, he was so kind, so sweet, so gentle, he taught me how to canter, he taught me patience and how to jump. He was the best boy out there.

The last time I saw him was the afternoon of my usual riding lesson, he was sick so he wasn’t being used for lessons. He passes away from a heart attack in his pasture that same night.

I remember crying myself to sleep the night my mom told me he was gone. Tearing up while writing this right now.

RIP Vleir sweet boy, I miss you and I regret not saying goodbye before I left to go home.


Image source: Royal-Green, Lissa Franke

“I never loved you. Leave me alone.” – After 8 years of relationship from the girl I was about to marry.


Image source: ThisIsCreation, Wyatt Fisher

*I was only with you because x didn’t want me, and now he does there’s no future for us.*

Talk about a kick in the teeth.


Image source: photoguy423, Wyatt Fisher

Girl I had a crush on told me she was embarrassed that she had feelings for me.


Image source: internetpointswoot, Virginia State Parks

“My family just gave up on me.”

-A 10-year-old that just got the news they had been unadopted by their family of the last 5 years.


Image source: jenmrsx, RL GNZLZ

“How can she be my wife? I have no idea who she is.” said my husband of 8 years after a bad car wreck and 4 weeks in a coma. He lost about 12 years of memories. Including our whole relationship. We got divorced 2 years after as his memory never returned.


Image source: crazybeautifulmine, Rick Kimpel

“He’s gone” 4 weeks after finding out my dad had cancer. I watched him die but hearing that destroyed me.


Image source: Indianagirl25, Andrew (Megan) Laing (Hack)

When my grandpa told me I wasn’t good enough. I was always never a girly girl but not quite a tomboy. I was really close to him but he was old school. As I grew up he started to realize that I wasn’t changing in the right way. He kept telling me to use my lady voice, to sit ladylike, eat lady like, and do ladylike things. He had enough when he saw me with my animals being not gentle when they were stubborn and getting dirty and liking it. He got mad and yelled at me after when no one was around. It hurt because always thought he would love me no matter what then I found out that there were conditions to his love.


Image source: Wormverine, leopoldo de castro

I teach martial arts to 3-5 yo. A mom brought her daughter and asked if those kids with me were mine. I said yes but the other twin stayed home. The mom took a deep breath and said that her daughter had a twin too that died at birth.


Image source: NancyDrew1932, David B. Gleason

My husband and I took our teenage son and his friend (I’ll call him Alex) to an amusement park recently.

My husband is a really funny guy and was making both boys laugh on the car ride home.

Alex told my husband, “You’re really funny, Mr. D! You remind me of my Dad, except your jokes aren’t hurtful.”

My heart.


Image source: Zealousideal-Mix6425, Joan Campderrós-i-Canas

“You’re going to end up just like your dad. A lonely junkie that no one wants to be around.” I just stood there silent. I didn’t know what to say to that.


Image source: Fickle_Flounder3929, Tim Parkinson

Woken in the middle of the night to a phone call from an anonymous, kind nurse who said. “I regret to inform you but [your mother] passed away at 11:40pm. She was not alone… I held her hand.”


Image source: Squigglepig52, CMRF Crumlin


Dad called me a few weeks ago, “Mom. She’s gone.”

She’d been sick, but it was still pretty unexpected.

Still doesn’t seem real.


Image source: Apprehensive_Dig_580, patilincortes

I had a close friend group and I left to go put something up. I came back and heard them say annoying so I of course asked who or what was annoying. They said you. “me?”, I said. Completely crushed me they also told me that. No one really likes me. Yeah that really did it and I’m a lot different now. I’m also kind of glad that happend because now I’m a lot different.


Image source: TerrifyinglyAlive, ConallFollow

When I was 14, I overheard my mother, who had already abandoned my sister and was making arrangements for me to go live with a relative, trying to convince her new husband that they should have a baby together.


Image source: Zeophyle, rustydollar72

“Mom and Dad have been telling people they only have two kids” from my sister. They have three kids. All because I didn’t go to the religious college they wanted me to go to.


Image source: Adddicus, Virginia State Parks

I saw a documentary…. I don’t even recall what it was about, but they were focusing on this family in a rural part of eastern Europe or southern Asia. There was a little girl in this family and all she did was work. She couldn’t go to school, and she just assisted her mother in doing all the necessary drudgery around the house.

One of the film makers asked the girl what her secret dream was.

She said, “To play”.


Image source: LisaBee1969, Robbie Sproule

A coworker told me that I am boring. It has always been something I felt about myself but having someone confirm it to my face was like a punch in my gut.


Image source: Everything-is_good, Malcolm Murdoch

My mum once told me “You wouldn’t be a very good mother, your sister would be much better”. I always loved and worked with children, my sister is more of an animal person. It crushed me because I always dreamed of being a mother and I still think about that comment made years ago when my boyfriend brings up the children topic.


Image source: brokenhearted_mess, Steve Baker

“I don’t have time for you.” My father said this to me multiple times when growing up. Especially whenever I started to express that I was sad and or even really sick.

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