“I’m Not Finishing This”: People In This Online Group Shared 20 Movies That They Couldn’t Bear Watching And Had To Stop Halfway Through

Published 2 years ago

Watching movies, like reading, can take you to unexplored places and make you experience new things. Although more people prefer watching movies because of the captivating visual and audio elements, the movie industry has its fair share of terribly repulsive content as well.

And so the Redditor Ramaal2000 asked some Redditors if they have watched a movie so bad that they didn’t make it to the closing credits. We gathered 20 of the best responses, and perhaps you may want to check them out on your next movie night. Also, tell us in the comments if we missed anything!

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#1 Bird Box (2018)

Image source: Fresh-Aide, Netflix

Bird box. What a horrible movie. I made it pretty far, but realised like 45 minutes in that I had no way to empathize with the main character, I hated her, the way she treated the kids, and I hated the way every other character behaved. I turned it off.

#2 The Emoji Movie (2017)

Image source: AEW_SuperFan, Sony Pictures Releasing

The Emoji movie. It was almost a parody of every CGI kids movie.

#3 Cats (2019)

Image source: Bonanza86, Universal Pictures


I lasted 30 minutes and then I immediately left the theater. Human faces on roaches creeped me the hell out, as did whatever else I saw in that time frame.

#4 Robin Hood (2018)

Image source: StAUG1211, Lionsgate

The Robin Hood movie. The bad guys have machine gun crossbows. It’s f*****g bizarre.

Edit: For anyone that hasn’t seen it and is curious, the first scene has Robin Hood in the crusades where the crusaders wear modern gear and flak jackets and they hut hut hut around a bombed out city clearing houses with longbows half drawn at the shoulder like they’re spec ops dudes but they get pinned down by an automatic ballista that’s basically a machine gun nest but it’s OK because they fire a flare arrow over it which calls in an air strike from some nearby trebuchets. I didn’t hate this as much as some of the people replying but the whole thing was so goofy and stupid that I couldn’t be bothered finishing it.

#5 Scary Movie 5 (2013)

Image source: Quitthesht, Dimension Films

Years back, I used to love the no-effort parody movies like Epic Movie, Scary Movie, Superhero Movie, Meet the Spartans etc.

Until I watched Scary Movie 5.

When 5 came out, I couldn’t see it immediately at the time so I forgot about it and rented it years later. When watching it I realised none of the jokes were funny because they all relied on referencing and parodying the horror movies of that time which were no longer relevant. It was a slog and I turned it off and returned it half way through.

#6 The Invisible Man (2020)

Image source: Librarycat77, Universal Pictures

Should have turned off Invisible Man, but my BF was enjoying it.

I literally spent 75% of that movie thinking “NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. Is it over yet? Surely this is the end. Oh god, it’s not. F**k.” On repeat.

It wasnt even the fact that he was invisible, just everyone not believing the woman over and over….nooope.

It’s been 14 years since I broke up with my controlling gas lighting ex. Clearly not long enough to watch this movie. And my ex wasnt ever physically violent.

-10/10. Hated it.

#7 Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016)

Image source: drewmana, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Into the Looking Glass.

I’m normally a huge fan of Tim Burton’s work but i have legitimately sat down w snacks, full intent on watching it, three times now and i just can’t get into it.

Edit: i know he didn’t direct this one but we all know whenever he’s involved his style gets very heavily incorporated

#8 Mean Girls 2 (2011)

Image source: jaysracing, Paramount Famous

jaysracing said:

Mean girls 2

SakuOtaku added:

It bothered me because the girls weren’t even bullies in that one like the first. They just did straight up crimes they could have gotten arrested for.

#9 The Mummy (2017)

Image source: wagemage, Universal Pictures

The Mummy – the Tom Cruise train wreck.

The old school one with Brendan Frasier is awesome.

#10 The Mummy 3 (2008)

Image source: nalhutta, Universal Pictures

The Mummy 3. I loved the Mummy series and Brendan Fraser is awesome but my god that was a hot pile of s**t and the only movie I ever walked out of in a theatre.

#11 Avatar The Last Airbender (2005)

Image source: Klown1327, Paramount Pictures

Klown1327 said:

Avatar The Last Airbender

mr_potato_arms added:

What you didn’t enjoy watching Ong and his friends Katara and Soh-kah acting super serious and depressed?

#12 50 Shades Of Gray (2015)

Image source: psychocookie81, Universal Pictures

50 shades of Gray. I was out as soon as she walked into Christian s office and tripped over NOTHING. Cause, you know, she s just so quirky and clumsy.

#13 Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Image source: PersephoneXXX1209, Sony Pictures Releasing

The most recent Underworld movie, it was a lot more soap opera and general incoherence than anything, beyond saving

#14 Marriage Story (2019)

Image source: nonenenones, Netflix

Marriage story.
Why would i want to watch parents fight for two hours. Might as well just eat with my family for dinner

#15 Downsizing (2017)

Image source: sourdaughter, Paramount Pictures

I was hoping for a feel-good goofy movie and saw “Downsizing” while browsing Hulu. After reading the description, I assumed it’d be something like “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and went for it.

It was nothing like “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” :(

#16 Inside (2007)

Image source: cacncab, La Fabrique de Films


It’s a French slasher film about this woman who wants to steal a pregnant widow’s fetus. I’ve watched so many gorefest movies to boot and for some reason this one just totally took it to the next level for me and I couldn’t handle it.

I actually got quite close to the end and I just couldn’t finish it.

#17 Zoolander 2 (2016)

Image source: Superdoop11, Paramount Pictures

Superdoop11 said:

Zoolander 2

holy_ninja added:

Such a letdown that one. They should’ve never made a second one. The first one was so good!

#18 Noah (2014)

Image source: PortalAmnesiac, Paramount Pictures

Noah with Russel Crowe. Gave it about 10 minutes then me and the missus looked at each other.

“Maybe it’ll get better”

“That *maybe* is doing a lot of work”

We gave up when the Twisted Rock Creatures just casually arrive and nobody bats an eyelid, or even explains them.

It might get better, but I’m 40ish, so only have a few decades left, and dont want to risk wasting the hours required to watch this again.

#19 Holmes And Watson (2018)

Image source: Shazooney, Sony Pictures Releasing

Shazooney said:

The Will Ferrell and John C Reilly movie “Holmes and Watson”

off_brand_gobsh**e added:

In the screening I went to (thanks, dad), I watched a whole group of fourteen year old boys hightail it out of there in the first twenty minutes.

When the least discerning movie audience of all time up and leave so soon, you know it’ll be amazingly bad.

#20 Gigli (2003)

Image source: TheBrownCouchOfJoy, Sony Pictures Releasing

Gigli. I thought it might be comically bad, but no, it’s just the moldy cardboard of movies. Made it through about 35 mins before I realized that I was actively thinking about other things and tuning it out. So I turned it off.

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