30 Times People Shared Their Secrets And Unpopular Opinions Using The ‘Confession Bear’ Meme Template

Published 4 years ago

There are times when you simply want to get something off your chest but either don’t have anyone to hear you out or are too afraid you’ll be misunderstood. That’s where Confession Bear comes to help. If you’re not familiar with what it is, it’s a meme template that people use to vent by sharing their secrets and unpopular opinions with internet strangers. And you’ll be surprised by how much a single picture can tell.

Check out the latest batch of Confession Bear memes in the gallery below – who knows, they might inspire you to get something off your chest too!

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#1 This Is Why I Hate Laundry Day

Image source: RogerClots

#2 They Really Are Kinda Cute Though

Image source: Anamethatwasavailablegiraffe

#3 Yes I Chose The Cat

Long time friend, suffers with bi-polar and had been a s**t all evening. Salem ‘adopted’ us about 5 months ago as a kitten. It’s taken a lot of work to socialise him with the dog and other cats. Very brave, very placid but is used to scrounging for food. Friend was drunk and raiding the kitchen and took exception to Salem trying for crumbs and generally being annoying. (He will leave you alone if you are stern with him). Started yelling and throwing things at cat. I said I think he should leave. Asked ‘So it’s me or the cat?’ Said ‘Yes, I choose the cat’.
He left and txt me all cats are evil.
Salem has come a long way and he is a good kitty. Doesn’t bite, not aggressive, just used to fighting for food.
I choose the cat, sorry not sorry.

#4 Confession Bear

Image source: MadMadMadITellYou

#5 A Dire Confession, I Know

Image source: ADisturbinglyAttractiveCactus


Image source: oldfishnewfish


Conspiracy theorists.

Karen’s and Kyle’s.

Hold your [friggin] opinion. Put the piece of GD fabric over your mouth (and no, not mesh you absolute imbecile) and wash your dirty little hands. It is LITERALLY the simplest task we could do to protect someone other than ourselves.

EVEN IF this whole thing is “a hoax” (it’s not. I’ve seen it, and may God save your idiotic soul), we were mildly inconvenienced for a short duration of our life.

Smarten up

#7 Teachers Don’t Get Enough Credit

Image source: claze

#8 Loneliness

Image source: LordFlippy

#9 Should I Tell Her?

Image source: ForeverPast

I made a joke that she can come be my private teacher now, but I guess she took me seriously? She’s been stopping by most nights after class to talk/hang out.

I’m not sure if I’m being mean lying to her but it seems to make her happy so I guess I’ll play along for now.

#10 There Are Nice Karens

Image source: badlittlered

I’m a nice person and my name has become an embarrassment.

#11 Confession Bear

Image source: FerretGoesBahhh

#12 Mixer Solutions?

Image source: ahernandez

#13 Everyone Gets A Turn

Image source: jikantsubushi43


Image source: Entbarrister2021

When I got accepted into law school, I felt “blessed” and I felt that I needed to learn more about Islam and the Quran to serve Allah better as a good Muslim and a good citizen. I grew up in Afghanistan until I was 13. During the Taliban, I learned to read the Quran at school and at the local mosque, but we were never taught the meaning of the Quran. So, when I stared learning the meaning of the Quran here in the US, I started to question it. I started learning about other religions and ended up reading the Bible and learning about Christianity and Judaism as well. The more I learned about religion, the more questions I had. I have read books on both sides of the arguments for and against religion, I have watched lectures and debates and I have spoken to priests and mullahs. I have also read Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Also, evolution is apparently a thing that religion loves to hate. I was actually disappointed that I arrived at nothing at the end of it all. I concluded that religion is man-made and there’s as much proof for God’s existence as there is for a unicorn or a teapot in the sky as Richard Dawkins likes to put it. My family and relatives are devout Muslims and I know that many would be disappointed, to say the least, when and if they find out I have turned away from Islam. For a Muslim to become an atheist is the biggest step that you can take in your life. It is a decision that will arguably alter the rest of your life. I could lose many or all of your family and relatives. If i was still living in Afghanistan, the punishment without question would have been death. I know that i will lose many loved ones, but i honestly don’t know how long more i can pretend and keep it to myself. End of rant. Thank you for reading my story.

#15 Maybe I’m Just Too Cynical

Image source: bbchaz23

Whenever I see people whip their phone out and film how they are helping the homeless makes me cringe. (IMHO) Volunteering should not be cover to promote oneself.

#16 Learning Experience: Tldr Drugs Suck

Image source: TheDornSupremacy

As some of you will find out, I recently got out of a PTSD/Substance Abuse program at the VA for Veterans. I befriended someone who I thought was ready and willing to change like I was. I spoke it over with my then Fiancée and we both agreed we could open up our home and help a fellow veteran in need. We all agreed that come the 26th, he’s gone. No matter what.

We left for vacation 22 Sept and would return 26 sept. This gave him an opportunity to get everything he needs In order so he can move into Veteran Housing.

We come home married and find our house smelling like Bigfoot’s d**k, smeared in a prostitutes taint, in Afghanny 140 degree heat on the 26th. We get him ready to leave and he says all homeless homes are full. (I recently got off the phone with 2 homeless housing programs and I have his name on reserve). He packs 3 days worth of clothing. (Wife and I purchased 50$ worth of thrift store clothing for him as well as a bicycle for 10$) we drive him to the VA and drop him off.

We come back home and I start cleaning… empty meth bags, heroin resin and cocaine. We had put up a camera and we checked, he had multiple people over while we were gone and did copious amounts of drugs.

I accept what happens as a loss and my wife and I has tried to help out a fellow veteran.

Come this morning; wife left for work at 6am (firefighter) and my door knocks at 630. “Give me my [crap]” is yelled at me as I’m still trying to get the eye boogies out of my eyes and taste my morning coffee. It’s him. Demanding his stuff. I giggle and tell him to go away, that he burned this bridge and we won’t help him any more. I tell him I’ll grab his Hep C meds and other necessities, put them in a bag and he can go get f***ed. I give him the bag as I’m half naked on my front porch and he swings for me. (Every combat veterans dream has just come true in this exact moment, someone has come at them violently.) I drop my coffee and punch him as hard as I can in the face, he goes down. I call 911 and they arrive. I tell them the situation and they take him away. After a few questions they leave. I go inside and call my now wife and explain to her the situation. She wished I had not used violence but is thankful I protected our home. Now I have the rest of the day to process.

#17 The Plutocracy Is Born

Image source: ItsThatTimeOfTheDayAgain

I do better than a large portion of the country. I still get bent over. I know people making less than me get bent over even further. Then we get lectured by these pigs about the ethics of “Hard Work” and “doing whats right for the country” while they rail us from behind. It’s disgusting… I don’t know what to think anymore…. But the IRS can go shove it up their a**es.

#18 I Know I’m A [Crappy] Person For Feeling This Way

Image source: AoShin

I feel crappy for seeing parents who have a lot of kids and are complaining about their problems, and thinking they shouldn’t have had so many kids in that case.

I have sympathy for the kids, but not these parents.

#19 This Is What I Get For Teaching Them About The Rebellions That Happened Throughout History

Image source: 008732

They’re in 8th grade and I had them write a children’s book based on their history textbook. I already extended the deadline by a week, so I could not be more disappointed in them right now.

#20 Lost In Fog.

Image source: UserNameIsTakenDamn

At first I felt like [crap]. Then I thought that maybe it meant that I was finally ready to start living again.

#21 I Know It’s Sad But Still

Image source: Apocallama

Recently had all my money stolen from out of my account. Bank is working on refunding me all the cash, but in the mean time i need to try and find as much loose change as possible to buy food

Went to the supermarket and bought some milk and things, came up 70 cents short

I asked the attendant if she could unscan one of the items for me but she just shrugged and gave me the rest of the money i needed

I know it’s only small but i wish her all the best

#22 Future Me?

Image source: BloodyMittens

#23 Heroes

Image source: brunchfast

Getting very sick of the “heroes work here” messages plastered all around my hospital. I know it’s well-intentioned, but it feels impersonal and like the public is saying it to relieve guilt. The COVID crisis should not be as bad as it currently is in the supposed “best healthcare system in the world”. I am no more of a hero now than I have been for going to work for the past five years taking care of people with infectious diseases. Why are we being celebrated now? Because we’re going to work in unsafe conditions? Because we as a country can’t get our [crap] together enough to obtain enough N-95s to prevent workers from dying unnecessarily?

#24 Customer For Life.

Image source: Faasel524

#25 To Be Honest…

Image source: SanchoLibre

I wouldn’t describe myself as an introvert but I really appreciate being at home playing videogames or watching movies/TV shows all day and not having to leave the house for anything besides grocery shopping once a week, so these last few weeks have been great for me, I even got to work from home, a thing that would never have been possible before. Now I have become so comfortable with the whole ‘social-distancing’/’self-quarantine’ thing that I am afraid of the day when I’ll have to go back to the office and restart my social life outside of my home.

#26 Am I A Bad Person?

Image source: DefinitlyNotAnAI

With the latest trend of kids being sent to ask for baseballs caught by adults at games, I wouldn’t give it up. It’s always been a dream of mine to catch a game ball, and although I’m a grown man, my inner child wants nothing more then a game ball I caught to be on my mantle. People argue that it would fulfill a kids dream, but they didn’t earn anything so I think it sets a bad example. It’s today’s “participation trophy” for a kid just pressuring someone for something they didn’t actually earn.

#27 Worst Employer Award Of The Year Goes To Mine. I Don’t Regret It. Love You Grandpa.

Image source: Impatience

My grandfather served in the Korean War in the Army. He was such a light in my life, finding it hard to move on. My best friend and my fishing buddy. Bye Grandpa.

The universe had something totally better planned for me. Higher paying job with peeps I know & a kick ass manager. I told my manager at the other job that it was their mistake letting me go, but it wasn’t. It was my mistake choosing a sleazy company to work for. Moral of the story, choose your employers wisely. Very wisely.

#28 The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time

Image source: DooksandPooks

During the installation process I got a text saying that Kobe Bryant, his daughter had died in a helicopter crash. Needless to say, my Dad and I were both shocked and lost for words. Eventually we continued our work and finished the install. The water heater worked amazing. Afterwards, we got Jimmy John sandwiches and attempted to work on a crossword together. As the day wrapped up and my dad was about to leave he told me how happy he was that he was able to help me with a project like this and how much it meant to him. Now, I’m just crying, thinking about how important it is to always say I love you. You never know when it will be the last you’ll see your father, or kiss your wife, or play with your little brother. I love you, Dad.

#29 Good Times

Image source: drcleanser

#30 Not Sure What To Feel Anymore

Image source: blueenforcer

Need to vent a bit. I have been a police officer for a little over 5 years now. Got promoted to Sergeant a year ago because I didn’t like how some of the supervisors were treating officers and I wanted to start making change from the inside. My agency has always been a gold standard in how to police. I stress being respectful to the people we come in contact with my mantra is that just because they did a bad thing does not make them a bad person. Whenever we have issues with officers the charging paperwork is immediately started and the proper consequences follow, including termination. Lately the media has made me unbelievably morose to be at work. It makes me not want to go out in public or see my family for fear they will bring up the bad cops they see on tv. My whole career I have never had a single complaint and have always been a good officer. But s***s getting tough out here. The public don’t care if I saved a child’s life. They see some bad cop from across the country and want me dead or think I’m a huge piece of s**t. I love this job and I love helping people, but I honestly feel like if I could find another job making this kind of money to support my family I would take it, and that makes me incredibly sad.

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