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Hilarious Portraits Of Jim Carrey Imitating Celebs in 1992

Published 8 years ago

Jim Carrey is one the greatest comedic actors out there. But he wasn‘t always that famous, and these pictures show him imitating celebrities in 1992. As you see, Jim was already using his legendary dynamic face to imitate some of the biggest stars of the screen. And two famous movies aliens! Back then Jim was just trying his luck in In Living Color, a comedy scetch show created by Wyans brothers, and the real fame was waiting for him in the future, with Dumb and Dumber, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Michael Ochs is most famous for being a photographic archivist. His extensive archives included various pictures related to rock and roll as well as celebrities in general. His vast archives were tapped for various album re-releases in the 1990’s. The Michael Ochs Archive was sold to Getty Images in 2007.

They’ve been laughing at Jim’s facial mimics ever since.

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Jack Nicholson




Elvis Presley


Clint Eastwood

celebrity-impersonation-jim-carrey-michael-ochs-2Henry Fonda


Steve Martin



James Dean


Martin Scorsese


Sammy Davis Jr.


Martynas Klimas

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