15 Celebrity Kids That Look Almost Exactly Like Their Parents Did At Their Age

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever found yourself looking at a singer or actor and thinking they look eerily similar to a certain celebrity? Well, there could be a reason for that – they just might be related! In fact, some celebrity kids take after their parents so much, the two look almost like exact carbon copies!

Today we have prepared you a short list of celebrity kids that look surprisingly similar to their parents when they were the same age, and their resemblance is simply uncanny. From Kurt and Wyatt Russell to Dhani and George Harrison, check them out in the gallery below!

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#1 Ava Elizabeth Phillippe And Reese Witherspoon

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Ava Elizabeth Philippe, actress Reese Witherspoon‘s oldest child, is an Instagram influencer and model, currently the face of Draper James.

#2 Ziggy Marley And Bob Marley

Image source: Bill Fairs

Just like his father, Ziggy Marley is also a musician. He started his career all the way back in 1979, when he and his siblings formed the band Melody Makers and went on to release eight studio albums, even winning a Grammy Award in 1988.

#3 Scott Eastwood And Clint Eastwood

Image source: RV1864

When starting out his acting career, Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott, stuck to his mother’s name, Reeves, to avoid any special treatment. He ended up changing his last name to Eastwood in 2008.

#4 Dan Levy And Eugene Levy

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Dan Levy, the oldest son of actor and comedian Eugene Levy, started his career as a co-host in MTV Live. Dan and Eugene the went on to create and star in the sitcom Schitt’s Creek.

#5 Wyatt Russell And Kurt Russell

Image source: wyattrussellll

Wyatt Russell, the son of actor Kurt Russell, is quite a successful hockey player, having played for multiple teams, such as the Richmond Sockeyes and the Langley Hornets, before retiring due to an injury.

#6 Maya Hawke And Uma Thurman

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Uma Thurman’s daughter, Maya Hawke, made her acting debut in 2017, in BBC’s adaptation of Little Women.

#7 Jack Ramsay And Gordon Ramsay

Image source: gordongram

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s son, Jack, appeared in some of his dad’s cooking shows, and entered the Royal Marines last year.

#8 Maya Rudolph And Minnie Riperton

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Even though most of us know Maya Rudolph as an actress, she’s also a talented musician who was a backup singer and keyboardist for American rock back The Rentals between 1995 and 1999.

#9 Alexander Skarsgård And Stellan Skarsgård

Image source: Men’s Health UK Magazine

Stellan Skarsgård‘s son, Alexander, started his acting career back in 2001, playing the role of Meekus in Zoolander.

#10 Kaia Gerber And Cindy Crawford

Image source: cindycrawford


Kaia Gerber is the daughter of the model Cindy Crawford. Not only does she resemble her mother in appearance, but she also is a model and actress, just like Cindy Crawford. She debuted as a model at Fashion Week in 2017. Kaia Gerber has been on the covers of different international Vogue magazines and has appeared in campaigns for such big brands as Versace, Calvin Klein, and others. Her acting career started a bit earlier at 15 in Sister Cities (2016). Gerber will star in the upcoming tenth season of the FX horror anthology American Horror Story.

#11 O’Shea Jackson Jr. And Ice Cube

Image source: osheajacksonjr

Just like his father, Ice Cube, O’Shea Jackson Jr. is also a successful musician, going by the stage name of OMG. The two actually look so alike, O’Shea even played his father in the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton.

#12 Rafferty Law And Jude Law

Image source: rafflaw

Jude Law’s oldest child, Rafferty, is also an actor and has recently landed the role of Oliver Twist in the 2021 crime drama Twist. He is also a successful model, having walked worked with Dolce and Gabbana in the past.

#13 Dhani Harrison And George Harrison

Image source: dhaniharrison

After his father passed away, Dhani Harrison finished his album Brainwashed and went on to win a Grammy for it in 2004. He released his first solo album called In Parallel back in 2017, receiving mostly positive reviews.

#14 Damon Wayans Jr. And Damon Wayans

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Damon Wayans Jr., the son of actor Damon Wayans, made his acting debut in the 1994 film Blankman.

#15 Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Most of used recognize late actress Carrie Fisher for her role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars films. However, the actress appeared in numerous other films and TV series, and was nominated for numerous prestigious acting awards.

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