Cello Teacher Shares The Racist ‘Thank You’ Letter She Received From The Mother Of One Of Her Students

Published 4 years ago

It’s always nice to hear feedback from your students and their parents when you’re working as a teacher. But not when you get personally attacked by one of your student’s parents.

One cello teacher recently shared a “thank you” letter she received from the mother of one of her students to Twitter. The letter starts out pretty tame with the mother thanking the teacher for helping her son pass his cello exam but soon takes an unexpected turn. The mother then begins to complain about an “ethnic stench” coming off of her son’s clothes every time he comes back from the lessons and says she doesn’t want him “smelling Indian in public”. Unsurprisingly, the teacher wasn’t having any of that and responded to the not-so-subtly racist letter.

Check out the full story below!

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A cello teacher recently shared a racist “thank you” letter she received from the mother of one of her students

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Image credits: sxinxm_

The teacher responded to the letter

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The racist letter quickly went viral, getting nearly 300k likes and 66k reshares on Twitter in just a few days. The teacher ended up reporting the student’s parents to social services for not taking proper care of him.

People supported the teacher for not staying quiet about the racist letter

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