30 People Respond With Their Pettiest Reason To Choose A Childfree Lifestyle

Published 7 months ago

If you ask someone who has chosen a child-free lifestyle what motivates this decision, they may respond with an answer such as finances, overpopulation, or some such practical reason.

However, no matter the main motivation, everyone has their own less common personal reasons that may slightly influence the decision too. So when one netizen inquired “What is your pettiest reason for not wanting kids?”, the responses received were quite interesting as you can see below. 

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#1 I take pride in proving wrong every one that said I’d change my mind

Image source: drunkenAnomaly, Maryia Plashchynskaya

devotedtodreams: This applies to me because I’ve known since my early teens that I didn’t want kids. The “you’ll change your mind” argument was made often, but I was never convinced because I knew with all my heart and soul it wasn’t what I wanted. Hell, back in university/college (never sure which one’s correct), a classmate said he’d make a bet that in 10 years, I’d be a mother. I took that bet with a s**t-eating grin because it’s an easy win. Haven’t seen him since, but I’m still winning!

#2 My cat would hate it if she had to share me

Image source: Jo_Peri, cottonbro studio

Amelia JadeI thought this too. My cat was the center of my world and so spoiled. When I had my first kid, I was so worried that she’d be upset. But she adored my daughter. I have so many cute pics of them together.

Image source: browsergirl33, solod_sha

Image source: LukasHughes, Amanda Klamrowski

Image source: M3tal_Shadowhunter, senia Chernaya

#6 I love my freedom. I want to go out one evening on the whim? I can just do it. I can travel during term time, sleep in, walk around the house in just my knickers and a t-shirt lol

Image source: Fantastic-Picture360, Julian Jagtenberg

#7 I like to be alone.

Image source: CandyCaneCrossbow, Keenan Constance

Turtles (She/her)Teen gurl here – totally normal. I get u

#8 Might be cruel but every time my sister complains about how rowdy her kids get, I think ‘never going to be me’.

Image source: Medysus, Keira Burton

Wysteria_RoseIt would be cruel if you said it to her face. It’s not cruel to have honest feelings. There are plenty of times I see my friend who had twins the first time and then proceeded to have two more that I am VERY relieved that I don’t have that many.

#13 I like money, silence and a tidy house.

Image source: BinaryMonochrome, Andrea Piacquadio

devotedtodreamsMe too. After a long day at work, coming home to my apartment where no one else lives but me is such a beautiful thing, perfect for recharging those social batteries :)

#14 I’m not done being a kid myself. Making up for lost time during my childhood now.

Image source: nsfwnoise, Elina Volkova

Wendy Forrest: Can we change the question as to why people want to have kids? Apart from mini me’s and immotality. Why not adopt the many unwanted children?

#19 I like delicate, pretty things. Children damage delicate, pretty things.

Image source: strongmanass, Roberto Nickson

pug nose curly tail: Children will break an anvil. Mother of 4 here.

#20 F**k the patriarchy is my pettiest reason, but I don’t really have a reason I’m just not interested – the fact that there’s a lot of advantages to that lifestyle is just a great bonus

Image source: tawny-she-wolf, Andrea Piacquadio

ADHORTATOR: That’s ok, if you don’t want kids, don’t have them – no other reason needed

#25 Sleeping in/going to bed late

Image source: nolechica, Polina Kovaleva

sbjBeing able to do what I want to, when I want to

#26 I enjoy my quiet peace and copious amounts of sleep. Kids would ruin both.

Image source: Fierywitchburn333, Ivan Oboleninov

#27 It hurts. I don’t want to ruin my body. I HATE bodily fluids (snot/pee/vomit/s**t), I do not want any of that disgusting mess near me (that includes pet’s fluids too).

Image source: B4cteria, Alexander Grey

#28 It’s something of an official “F U” to the religious upbringing I had telling me the ultimate purpose for uterus bearers like myself was becoming a STAH broodmare

Image source: Dense-Department9405, Athena

Mrs. Ginger McSarcasmStay at home broodmare. Now that’s a statement.

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