‘Family Tree’ Photo Series Shows That Parents And Their Children Look Alike

Published 7 years ago

Did anyone ever tell you that you look like an exact copy of your mom or dad? They must be exaggerating, right? Well, as photographer Bobby Neel Adams proves in this photo series, they might have a point.

The photographer always thought he looked completely like his mother. And 20 years ago, that thought pushed him to start the “Family Tree” series. In it, he’d combined the photos of different generations of family members side-by-side, by lining up two portraits torn down the middle and attaching them with rubber cement.

In the results he got, the similarities are quite striking: “This composite photograph could be viewed as an eerie life-map: in fact, the montage of two different family members is sometimes mistaken for a montage of the same person at different stages of life,” Adams explained.

More info: bobby neel adams (h/t: insider)

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#1 Photographer Bobby Neel Adams (left) and his father Mack

#2 Bernadette (47) and her son Alec (14)

#3 Walter (84) and his son Andy (50)

#4 Hayden (7) and his father Matt (27)

#5 Wendy (60) and her daughter Liza (23)

#6 Russell (77) and his son Greg (46)

#7 Mary (79) and her daughter Sarah (45)

#8 Mike (42) and his son Evan (8)

#9 Amy (41) and her daughter Audrey (4)

#10 Arthur (94) and his daughter Carol (66)


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