20 Annoying Parents Who Played The ‘Child Card’ To Get Special Treatment

Published 1 year ago

Most parents want the best for their kids. Rightly so, within reason of course. But there are some parents who go a little overboard with their expectation of special treatment and demand the world comply, just because they have kids.

One online group shares outstanding encounters with such parents that display an absurd level of entitlement. Read on to find out what happens when parents with deluded expectations of free stuff and privilege on the basis of having children, finally meet reality. 

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#1 Women’s Feels Entitled To Free Ice Cream When She Sees A Young Girl Get Free Ice Cream

Image source: EstablishmentWeary38

#2 Knew Her For Like 3 Days

Image source: kylethesmartguy, MilesDoesntCare

#3 Asking Her Partner’s Ex Wife For Her Child’s Designer Clothes, Proceeds To Call Her A Silly Goose And Throw A Strop When She Doesn’t Get What She Wants

Image source: ivyellenugh

#4 My Local Nextdoor Page This Morning

Image source: Dillagal97

#5 One Free Car From God Coming At Your Way Ma’am

Image source: ogduckyy

#6 “Please Give Me Free Stuff, And Deliver It To My Home Because I’m Busy.”

Image source: jloh217

#7 The Guy In The Comment Section Gets It

Image source: ScarletDarling3

#8 When You Have Already Heavily Discounted A 90% New Mattress And They Still Hit You With A Story For A Lower Price

Image source: lorrenzo

#9 Wow This Dude Trying To Use The Single Parent Card

Image source: weston20

#10 What A Deal! Yoy Can Earn 52¢/Hour!

Image source: NorthsideB

#11 This Choosing Entitled Parent Wantz Zoo Staff To W*nk Of An Elephant.. An Actual Elephant!… So Her Child Doesn’t Ask Questions

Image source: targetsbots

#12 Mother From Ukraine Needs It? Guess I Might Just Give It For Free

Image source: smirrea

#13 When Your Friend Blocks You Because You Didn’t Give Her Money After Your Mom Died

Image source: Withthealiens

#14 She Needs A Sperm Donor And Child Support

Image source: tensorblow

#15 They Could Have The House Paid Off In Just 125 Years

Image source: FearlessWorkman

#16 But Muh Kids Birthday

Image source: QuesoDino

#17 Asking For Christmas Help

Image source: leonardgg

#18 Love It When They Get Called Out

Image source: MrLeeKenneths

#19 Not Asking For Much

Image source: Toz–

#20 Stalking And Bullying A Child For A Free Drawing

Image source: XanaxWarriorPrincess

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